IBAN Transfer in switzerland

Can you Tell me how i can Send Money by IBAN in switzerland to another Swiss Account?

  • normal Transfer Not Working (we dont accept Swiss IBAN)
  • sepa Transfer Not possible (we dont accept Swiss IBAN)

? Please a Solution

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Hello @Nicnicnic :wave:,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your concern. :hugs:

There are three different transfer types: transfers to a Revolut customer, card transfers, and bank transfers. Sending money to cards is only available to selected users at the moment. Stay tuned!

You can send CHF to a beneficiary who has a bank account from Switzerland or Liechtenstein. You can also send CHF to beneficiaries outside of Switzerland or Liechtenstein at a higher fee. To make an international bank transfer, you’ll typically need the beneficiary’s full name and their IBAN number. The IBAN is usually 21 characters long, starting with CH.

For more details, please check this FAQ link - Need help with CHF transfers? :arrow_backward:

SG | Community Team

Thank you very much. In my case, its not possible to pay from my Revolut (swiss) to a swiss IBAN-Invoice. In anyway i get the error from revolut, we are not providing swiss QR-Bills. But all Invoices in switzerland are (or getting) to QR Invoices. And they have also an IBAN, like all Invoices so i dont understand the Problem. I can Not pay any paper Invoice.
I did not scan the code, i enter the iban and Details manually.

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Thank you for sharing the details with us @Nicnicnic. We are yet to implement the feature of Swiss QR-Bill payments. Please stay tuned. :rocket:

SG | Community Team

The IBAN you are using is a special Swiss QR IBAN. You recognise them with the number range 3xxxx from pos 5 onwards in the IBAN. Like CHxx 30xxx xxxx

These types of accounts accept payments only with the properly formatted reference number and most probably only, if the sending bank is connected to the SIC (Swiss Interbank Clearing). Which I quess Revolut is not.

You either need to ask the invoicing party if you can pay your invoices directly to a bank account without the reference or need another account on a financial institution that supports QR bills.

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Thank you Oliver. Now i understand which iban-invoices i can pay. Would be great to have in the Future QR-Bill also available, so i would have only 1 payment funnel during the year With Great end of year analysis :slight_smile:

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@Nicnicnic, It’s great to hear your issue has been resolved already. :hugs:

@OliverCH, Welcome back to our community. Thank you for helping out here. :star:

Keep exploring our community and please let us know if you guys have any other concerns. :r:

SG | Community Team