IBAN number

I live in Ireland by my Revolut IBAN is UK
How do I get IE ibam?

Hello @Orcue :slight_smile:

You can’t get a personal IBAN for any other country than the UK with :r: yet.

Why would you need one? EUR SEPA IBANs should work for most consumer related things all over EEA without limitations.

Hi there.

Personal EUR IBANs & UK current accounts are already available ! CHF IBANs are coming soon and USA personal accounts will be available once our services are live in the USA.:rocket:


CHF IBANs coming soon? Now that is great news. Thank you!


CHF IBANs are coming soon ? Yesssss!

The LT IBAN is also still working, but cannot be find in the app. Why not?

Thanks Andreas, could you just possibly quantify the “soon” somewhat?

Is it a two-weeks-soon or rather a four-months-soon? :slight_smile:

I could say a couple of months, but I will keep you posted :slight_smile:

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So for the time being we should still keep our enthusiasm in check :). Thanks, as a rough indicator that should be more than fine.

would be nice if UK IBANs would also come soon… that should be easier to make than for CHF or US.

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I do realise it has been only a month, but nonetheless :slight_smile: is there maybe an update on the domestic point of presence in Switzerland? Or maybe already a concrete date / time frame?

Thanks @AndreasK

28 days ago :roll_eyes:

A lot can happen in 28 days. For example a decision about when a Swiss PoP will be available :wink:


@AndreasK what do you mean Personal UK IBAN are already available? When I go to my UK Account I still see “Dont forget to enter this reference” and Beneficiary: REVOLUT LTD. This is not personal.

EDIT: There is also no personal EUR IBAN - same as UK asking for reference no and revolut as beneficiary.

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There is. Go to EUR --> local. You might have to activate it first.

@Frank you are right, there is personal IBAN for EUR, didnt noticed that. But defo no personal IBAN for UK. Strange as revolut is mainly based in UK. One would expect to have their local infrastructure mostly evolved and feature-rich than EUR one.

They offer personal UK accounts in the national standard sort code + account no.

Yeah I know that, but Im asking for IBAN type, not local british thing.

I didn’t say personal UK IBANs :slight_smile: I was referring to UK current account.

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