IBAN LT euro account in the UK?

Anyone know it you can get a Latvia IBAN euro account in the UK? , due to Brexit EU institutions are charging for payments received for the GB euro IBAN, thanks

If you were registered with EU citizen (non UK) ID/passport and your address (in Revolut app) was EU and not UK - your Revolut account was automatically migrated (June-November '20) from UK to Litva and IBAN was changed with new LT.

If address was UK, your account was not moved/migrated.

Only way to have Revolut account with LT IBAN is to have EU ID/passport and EU address.
Withdraw or send your money to bank. Ask support via chat, live agent, to close UK Revolut account and create new Revolut account with EU ID/passport and EU address.

You will have LT IBAN and UK sort/accNum accounts.

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