IBAN LT euro account in the UK?

Anyone know it you can get a Latvia IBAN euro account in the UK? , due to Brexit EU institutions are charging for payments received for the GB euro IBAN, thanks

If you were registered with EU citizen (non UK) ID/passport and your address (in Revolut app) was EU and not UK - your Revolut account was automatically migrated (June-November '20) from UK to Litva and IBAN was changed with new LT.

If address was UK, your account was not moved/migrated.

Only way to have Revolut account with LT IBAN is to have EU ID/passport and EU address.
Withdraw or send your money to bank. Ask support via chat, live agent, to close UK Revolut account and create new Revolut account with EU ID/passport and EU address.

You will have LT IBAN and UK sort/accNum accounts.

P. P.
Brexit consequences

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I’m not sure thats correct. TransferWise can offer a Belgium iban for their euro account with no issues.

I’m having the same issues as OP, I’m getting charged €5 per transfer now and its something I’d really like revolut to provide asap

Yes, that’s exactly what I’ve done, opened a TransferWise account because it has an EU (Belgium) IBAN, it depends on receiving bank but the bank i normally send to is charging a minimum of €18 per transfer.

Hopefully Revolut will allow UK residents to get an LT IBAN soon

That’s so helpful, thanks, I will point out that the UK is 67,000,000 people, 17,200,000 voted to leave, I wasn’t one of them so I am not getting what I voted for but i have to live with it plane and simple

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So without an EU address, I can’t get an LTxx IBAN?

Yes, that’s how it seems

Hi , I need to transfer some EUR from KRAKEN to Revolt. Can I do that. Can someone please confirm. Thank you

I have different situation. I am Polish based and I would like to get UK IBAN for GBPs. Now Revolut gives only LT iban for GBP. On the other hand for GBP there is a typical UK sort code and account number (but no iban), where to I can easly send immediate bank transfers from UK barclays bank account. I am still receiving payments in UK and the payer (Amazon subparty) require UK IBAN. Unfortunatelly UK banks are closing accounts for non-resdients now :frowning: So, I desperately need UK IBAN for GBP. Is there any UK IBAN prefix for Revolut that would work with my sort code and account number?

Presumably you are getting a salary from Amazon in the UK? , have you told Barclays this?, i know some people that are not UK residents that are in Spain and have been able to keep a UK account, it seems some banks are being more demanding than others

Transferwise still offers a GB IBAN for EU residents with its GBP account. At least for legacy accounts. Might be worth a try to ask if this is still true if one would open a borderless account now.

I cannot find a way to start my own topic and I can’t find SUPPORT on my phone application, so I am trying here. I want to enroll in REVOLUT in Paypal. The problem is both EUR and USD accounts carry the same number. Is there a way to get different account numbers for the two currencies?

I live in UK but i am trying to link my euro revolut account with my online ireland tax account for tax payment.
The ireland tax account is not accepting my IBAN for my euro Revolutr account.
Can someone please clarify why my IBAN is not being accepted.

May I open a UK Bank Account right now, living in the EU, with my EU ID Card and phone number (both from Italy, like the residence) and get all the following data ( to get compensation by a UK Employer):
UK IBAN code
UK Sort code (6 digits)
UK Bank account number (8 digits)
whether both BACS / CHAPS are accepted or not

I do NOT need a EU IBAN, but if it is automatically created that’s fine.

Many thanks,

You won’t see a GB IBAN in the app, but one that starts with LT. This can’t be changed when you’re registered with a EU address.

But you will get a UK sort code and account number, that should be sufficient for a UK employer, that’s the local UK standard for transfers.

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Many thanks.
but when I will sign up does it create a EU IBAN automatically (being a EU citizen)?

are BACS / CHAPS accepted?

EU residents will get the LT IBAN as they are served by the Lithuanian entity.

Why can’t UK residents have the option of an LT based Eur account ? I have a UK based Eur account which means that I can’t transfer money from my LT SEB account without incurring international tranfer fees.

because you don’t reside in the SEPA after UK voted to leave the EU which many regard as a consequence of brexshit. You have Johnson to blame for that… turkeys voted for Christmas.
It’s just as bad the other way round for those whose funds come mainly from the UK. Once established in a GBP wallet, repatriating your GBP costs a transfer fee.