IBAN Location

I live in France and just created a Revolut account in euros. Just realized that the two first letters of my IBAN are GB, is it possible to create an account in euros with an IBAN starting by FR?
The reason I’m asking is that some institutions in France do not accept to send funds to a foreign account.

At this moment it isn’t possible.
AFAIK they’re working on it.

Hi there,

It is illegal to accept only FR IBAN, at least for companies or public services.

Those who do not accept IBANs from other member states of the European Economic Area are violating European law as of 1 February 2016 (Article 9 of Regulation No 260/2012)

As you’re in France and dealing with a company, feel free to report them to the DGCCRF. (https://www.economie.gouv.fr/dgccrf). I suggest to first mention to the company/public service they are in violation to European law, and ask them again to accept your non-FR IBAN.

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I echo that, this is the right way to go as this is the only way to get thing moving.

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