IBAN for Switzerland


I’m trying to send some CHF from my UBS account to the credit suisse account specified in the revolut app. The problem is that when I do a local transfer from the UBS mobile app or UBS web site there is no option to enter the reference number that is required so that Revolut knows in which Revolut account to transfer the money.
I noticed that this reference number is available when you do sepa/swift international transfers. You guys used international transfer to send CHF to revolut? any fees?


Wait a second, there must be some way to enter a “Verwendungszweck” or something like that. When paying bills, you want to put in an invoice no. somewhere.

Put in the reference there. That should work.


I used the demo version and suggest this entry as in my attached picture. It’s a domestic payment and instead of the 40404040 you enter your number


Reason for payment is the field that you are looking for