IBAN for Switzerland

I’m trying to send some CHF from my UBS account to the credit suisse account specified in the revolut app. The problem is that when I do a local transfer from the UBS mobile app or UBS web site there is no option to enter the reference number that is required so that Revolut knows in which Revolut account to transfer the money.
I noticed that this reference number is available when you do sepa/swift international transfers. You guys used international transfer to send CHF to revolut? any fees?

Wait a second, there must be some way to enter a “Verwendungszweck” or something like that. When paying bills, you want to put in an invoice no. somewhere.

Put in the reference there. That should work.

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I used the demo version and suggest this entry as in my attached picture. It’s a domestic payment and instead of the 40404040 you enter your number


Reason for payment is the field that you are looking for

Has anyone found a solution to this very annoying problem ? Until now, I could use revolut to convert from EUR to CHF in a nice way but my last transfers were all charged 12 CHF fees so it will not be interesting anymore if it’s the case for all the transfers! Why has Revolut changed the way they send money to Swiss accounts ? The approach they were using before was clearly much better ! If there is no solution, is anyone knowing a nice way to convert from EUR to CHF without fees (like revolut used to be before this change…)
Thank you very much !!

So far there is no solution. Revolut is looking to solve the problem. I was told it is due to a payment provider that changed the way SWIFT transfers are handled. They are negotiating to change it back, but there is no ETA…

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has this problem occurred also AFTER updating the app to 5.41??

This has nothing to do with the App.
Revolut sends CHF via SWIFT to the Swiss recipient and anyone in between takes the fees.

I also got charged 12 CHF for a transfer of 180 CHF. I contacted both receiving bank and Revolut and both told me it must be the intermediary bank (CS I believe). Too bad, I think this makes Revolut a bit less appealing.


Which bank do you use for reception?

For the time being I suppose you could use your card to top up your account if it’s that expensive.
Here in Croatia banks also charge a lot for foreign transfers, about $5 per transfer.

transfer Swiss bank -> :r: is no problem as they introduced a local collection account.
However, :r: -> Swiss bank is a problem since the money is sent via SWIFT and :r: changed bank partners for that recently

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Please fix this fast, at the moment it’s safer to use TW because there you know which amount of CHF you get and it isn’t gambling.


Well, you can always get your money with an ATM I guess unless we are talking about bigger amounts because ATM fees may do a problem.

+1 on this one. At the moment it makes no sense to do CH to CH transfers with :r: .
I did a transfer from :r: to UBS and CHF 3 got deducted. :frowning: .


Regarding the Payment Slips to pay bills:

Aren’t they just a transfer with some ID code as the reference? I haven’t tried, but I think this will be possible if you know the IBAN of the recipient account.

No not quite. The current BESR (Bank ESR) system relies on the account number of the bank (the one that looks like a Postfinance account like 01-xxx-x) and the reference number in it’s own field. The first 6 digits are the number registered within the receiving bank to know to which account the payment needs to be credited.

If you pay to the IBAN of the account from the beneficary with the BESR reference number in the text/reference field of Revolut, the money will arrive but the automated clearing of the open positions within the vendors system will not work.

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Has anyone tried to do a CHF transfer from Revolut to TransferWise and from there to the own bank account to avoid these fees?

Dear All,
I would like to have a quick answer.
My employer cannot take my Iban because they are not CH.
If I create an IBAN CH, it’s not a personal Iban so they have to fill in the Transaction reference.
How Can I edit a Personnal IBAN in CH?

Best regards,

Currently, there is only a shared collection account in Switzerland with a Swiss IBAN. Payments to this shared account always require the transaction reference number.
Personal IBAN numbers starting with CH are not (yet) available.