IBAN for Switzerland


Swiss IBANs are finally here!


OMG YEEEEEES!!! finally !!!


My transfer from UBS to my swiss IBAN hasn’t arrived yet. With TW I usually get the money at 9AM.
We need personal IBAN’s!


Confirmed, transfered by Raiffeisen - with EVERY recipient (in CH) it arrives the next working-day… Well, I’ll give Revolut one day to process (as I do hope that’s automatic)… Might as well be Credit Suisse who pulls the breaks, as CS owns Swisscard (together with Amex), and sure as hell is not happy about the competition…


Since TW changed to a pooled account in their name (rather than WordPay) I get it same day if done before noon (except when sending from Postfinance as they send out next day by default - unless you pay CHF express surcharge).

Curious to see how Revolut will work out. Happy to give them a few weeks to workout the kinks. In any case, I can live with 1-2 days. Better than sending CHF to the UK and being hit by fees.

I doubt that CS throttles the payment. If they didn’t want them, they wouldn’t have opened an account for Revolut. I think it is more a question of how often Revolut run a batch job against the incoming payments. TW is continuously improving on that front as their declared goal is to get as close as possible to realtime.


Nikolay Storonsky (Revolut CEO) is a former developer from Credit Suisse so I really doubt that CS throttles the payment otherwhise he would have choosed some other bank :smile:


Two days now and still no money on my R account. I’ll stick with TW 'till things get faster.


Reported the same, no valid answer from support for now.


My topup didn’t arrive yet, neither…
As if they employed “Captain Slow” (Jamey May) to process payments, Raiffeisen confirmed my payment left on 27th…

I’ll also stick with Transferwise. Higher fees, but at least: it works and is reliable and fast.


:r: now registered my transfer, sent yesterday, and sent me a notification

Unusually slow but it might be related to the holidays


my topup also just arrived. sent on 27th.
If “the Boss” realy worked for Credit Suisse, he should know how banks in CH work, and what NOT to do when wanting :r: to be an alternative for banks (“beyond banking”)


The holidays have nothing to do with it. The 27th & 28th are normal banking days. Any transfer sent from a Swiss bank to another one arrives usually same day if done before noon and next day when done after noon. It all comes down to how often Revolut “polls” the pooled account for new payments.


Ok, my money from UBS to R also arrived now after 2 days.


I tried 2 topups on 28th: one from my Clientis ZRB and the other from Neon Banking: both arrived in the evening/night (18:52 and 01:22) of the same day. Both transfers have been set up before 12:00.

Thats a bit slower compared to Transferwise, but still fast enough for my needings. And as Revolut also allows unmanned Gas Stations now I’m just gonna keep TW as a backup card (extended ATM limit).


Interesting that my top up made with Neon on the 27th arrived at the same time as yours on the 28th.


While top ups are now easier it is the opposite arround for payments in my case.

Until December 4th all payments from my revolut account to Swiss bank accounts arrived without fees, since December 5th (exactly the time since when top ups in Switzerland are possible via Credit Suisse) for eacht transaction below CHF 1000 a fee of CHF 12 and for each transaction above CHF 1000 a fee of CHF 14 is charged. As Revolut as well as the receiving banks gave me the answer that they do not charge fees, it must be a new way of chanelling payments to Switzerland chosen by Revolut (probably via CS instead of lloyds) which makes payments to Swiss accounts extremely unattractive while this was not the case until December 5th.


Has anyone tried to transfer different currency then CHF to the Swiss Revolut account? I am thinking about sending USD from UBS. Will that arrive as USD or CHF on my Revolut? (I am also wondering how much will the transfer itself cost)


What bank account details do you have on your USD account in Revolut? Is it the GB IBAN with BIC REVOGB21? Then it probably ends up being a SWIFT transfer with associated fees.


My USD Revolut top-up page shows the GB IBAN, which for sure would require international SWIFT transfer. But I was wondering if it is possible to send USD to the Swiss IBAN, which would hopefully be cheaper. I am just afraid it may be automatically converted to CHF.


It will either bounce back or being converted. But I am quite confident that it won’t appear as USD on your Revolut account.