IBAN for Switzerland


I don’t believe it’s going to happen before they have their banking license.


I just don’t understand what stops them from having one, shared bank account in each country, to allow local (free) transfers “in”. TW has them without a banking license (also in Switzerland).


TW uses other banks and if nobody wants to partner with Revolut they are out of luck


Can’t imagine that’s the case. I think Revolut doesn’t even try.
Eg. Neon. A direct concurrence to other banks in Switzerland. They found a partner.
…and Revolut is no direct concurrence to banks (not in CH!). So it should be easy to do - IF they want to do it.


Found it on the twitter link above:

So to sum up he says end of the year…


That was 3 weeks before the blog post so do not get your hopes up


I know :slight_smile:
I’m not super excited anymore, but I still hope it will come some day.

Let’s continue what we do the best, to wait (and see)… :stuck_out_tongue: