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The Swiss IBAN is just the collection account Revolut runs in their name with the Swiss bank CS. It’s NOT a personal IBAN.

The personal IBAN Swiss residents have is a GB IBAN. It’s multi currency capable.

Ok so with a Swiss revolut account you have access to 2 different IBAN ? Is it possible to send and receive CHF on a revolut account with the CH IBAN ?

Yes. There is a personal GB IBAN which can take any currency (even including CHF), to be used for international transfers.
The CH IBAN is pooled and is limited to domestic CHF transfers.

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Can anyone help me with some clarity concerning a transfer I would like to make of a large CHF sum from Switzerland to the UK? I am UK-based and have a Revolut GBP and CHF account (that share the same IBAN, as has been discussed above).

I have made a small ‘test’ transfer from my Swiss bank (UBS) to my Revolut CHF account, and I will be charged a fixed fee by UBS for this (something like 10chf, which seems fine). However, in order to transfer the entire amount to my Revolut CHF account (and then exchange it to GBP once it is ‘here’), I need to check some other factors that might cost me money and have a bearing on whether this is the best mechanism for extracting my money from Switzerland…

TRANSFER FEES - This is not a question for the Revolut Community necessarily (unless you have direct experience of transferring CHF to the UK from UBS in Switzerland). I believe I am permitted by UBS to transfer up to 50,000chf in each transaction, but I need to clarify if this is genuinely per transaction, or per day, or per month - just so I can calculate how many transactions and fixed fees I would need to factor in.

EXCHANGING CHF TO GBP IN REVOLUT - I am thinking of setting up an automatic exchange in Revolut so that the sum exchanges from CHF to GBP at what is hopefully an optimum rate. My question is: Is there a limit to the amount that can be exchanged within Revolut, either per transaction, or per day/month etc.?

TRANSFERRING AWAY FOR REVOLUT TO MY UK HIGH STREET BANK or elsewhere - Are there fees and/or transaction limits (and therefore perhaps multiple fees) I should factor in when removing money from Revolut?

Sorry so long. Thanks for reading this far, and thanks if you can assist with some wisdom!

Hi siboXD.

I have recently made a transfer from my UBS account in Switzerland to my Revolut CHF account, and like you, I received the full amount. Your employer will not be doing anything magical, but will have been charged a modest fixed fee by their Swiss bank in order to pay your salary to your UK Revolut CHF account. Most Swiss banks do not include CHF within SEPA rules, and consequently charge a fixed fee to the account holder of between 10 and 20CHF per transaction.

Hope this clarifies things, and perhaps encourages you not view your employer as a wizard. Perhaps buy them a beer now and again to keep things fair…

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Fees for exchanging money between currencies vary between Revolut account plans. Exchange is only free up to a certain amount, then there’s a markup on the exchange rate when you’re on the free plan. You can find these details in the fees section of Revolut T&Cs.

(Since this is the community forum, not the support chat, „live agent“ doesn’t trigger a response from a support agent.)

Thanks Frank.

Sadly it is painful trying to find anything more than generalised pithy information on the Revolut website, and I have spent hours wasting my life away trying to get concrete information about my specific queries. Some proper customer support and a live real-time conversation with someone would not go amiss. I am hopeful that someone will see this thread and perhaps offer done help, as I am not expecting miracles from Revolut itself.

Thanks anyway


Did you try to search the FAQs? It seems like it is relatively straightforward to find some of the answers you’re looking for, here for example regarding limits:

And here regarding exchange:

And this regarding large incoming transfers:

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