IBAN for Switzerland

I don’t know why Robert has to pay fees and how he knows that Swift is used. I don’t work in the payment department but a colleague confirmed to me that my transfer was a SIC and CS was used as intermediary.

Strange stuff. I also don’t think that they switch back and forth all the time.

Hi Robert

Very confusing all this.

Is it to an own account of yourself and what is the target bank?

Would be interesting which party claims the fee. I don’t think Revolut does.

How do you know that Swift is used?


As far as I know, it has always been intermediary or receiving banks, not Revolut.

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I confirm this, just to test a transfer, I made a 100 chf to my BCGE bank account and the 100 chf arrived without any additional fees.

The surprising thing is that they arrived in like 10 minutes, so it was almost realtime. I was so surprised.

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I also made a test transfer yesterday.
2000 CHF from neon to Revolut (Swiss resident account) and back.
There were no fees and the transfers were both very quick (same day).

Hello, what does that mean? I have the TW card, I still cannot transfer $1000 from my TW balance to Revolut, for the same message as above. Any reasons?

I think it might be because I’m a new Revolut user and I cannot top up that much for now, but I might be wrong.

Yes, you will have to use the card over a longer period.
The daily limit in my case was 200 or 250 CHF at first but increased to ~2000 CHF in 2 months.

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Hello guys, just registered to share my experience.

Two months ago I moved to Switzerland for work, and, as all Switzerland immigrates, I was trying to find a way to receive my salary without any fee.
I’m obviously not resident in Switzerland to date, so I can’t use the pooling account that Revolut has for Swiss residents.
Then searching for information, I bumped into this thread, and I read it from start to end to understand better the situation.

From the reading it seemed that TW was the solution.
So I opened the TW account, because a lot of people was talking about them having access to their pooled Swiss account (remember I’m not Swiss resident, like many of the people who come to this page)…

Well the reality is that TW is not different from Revolut from “not-Swiss perspective”, it has Swiss pooled account only for Switzerland residents… so don’t open a TW account if your goal is to receive CHF from a Swiss company. Revolut is better, over many aspects.

So after making the sad discovery of not having a Swiss IBAN again, I was ready to give up receiving my salary paying some fee…
Hence, I gave my Revolut GB IBAN (after opening in Revolut the CHF account) to my employeer, and I’m surprised to say that for two consecutive months till now, I received my whole salary without fees on my CHF Revolut account. I double checked. That’s really awesome.

So summing up: I can receive my whole CHF salary, in my Revolut CHF account, through my GB Revolut IBAN
I don’t know how its possible, don’t know if my employeer does something strange when sending the payment (don’t think so), or all the magic comes from Revolut. But I’m very happy of Revolut, it really surprised me, this time.

I hope this witness can help some (not resident) Swiss immigrate, trying to find a way to get its salary.

P.s. another info that I would have loved to be said to me, is that for non-Switzerland residents, payments sent to a CHF IBAN will be subject to a 14 CHF SWIFT fee, as other people said in this forum. The drawback of Revolut on this side is it doesn’t warn you of that fee. You’ll pay for example 600.- and the receiver will receive 586.- and I think this is a bad behaviour. On that side TW is better than Revolut. TW will always warn you of how much money will effectively reach the recipient.

As a comparation I can say that Revolut is best for receiving CHF and sending large amounts of money from (for example) € to Swiss Francs (because of the fixed fee);
while TW is better for sending small amounts of money that should be converted to CHF, like if you have to pay the lease and want to be sure of the amount of CHF that will be received from the other part. Revolut receives and manages money, TW sends small amounts relatively to CHF.


Hello, thanks for the information.
I am moving to Switzerland following the lockdown due to a new job. However I will be starting remotely in July. I need a Swiss account and not sure if they will accept this as a Swiss account.
I’m hoping it works like yours!

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Happy to hear that my post is helpful for someone! Then, if it works as expected share back you experience :wink:

if they need a Swiss account, as soon as you will have a swiss address and a swiss permit you can open an account with www.neon-free.ch , Revolut does not offer an unique IBAN account but only a pooled one, so you can’t receive a swiss salary for instance. You could communicate your GB account but not all the employer will accept this

as @marcolino81 correctly has written: Revolut is no Bank-Replacement in Switzerland.

Neon is good, but depending on what you want from the account, there are other options to consider. Like “ZAK”, Raiffeisen, Migros-Bank, Banque Cantonale/Kantonalbanken - just don’t go to the big banks (CS, UBS, Postfinance), they take way too many fees for what they deliver for it…

Hi all i made transfer to swiss External reference: PET554350134 it said it refunded back to my account would it be possible to get days it reaches to my account

to whom it may concern: CHF withdrawals from Revolut to UBS CH-IBAN come without fee

i withdrew CHF 252.22 from my Revolut account this morning and just a few minutes later i received CHF 252.22 on my Swiss UBS account.



2nd screenshot from bank account screen.


I have Euro account but it’s IBAN starts with GB something and when I m trying to send money from my Irish Euro bank it says IBAN not recognized. Is this not weird euro bank account info IBAN starts with GBXX. Anyone can share experience or advise on this please? Attaching screenshot too. !


a couple of years ago I lived in the EU and set up an account with Revolut -> received a GB IBAN.
Now I live in CH and I would like to get a CH IBAN so that I can make a transfer to my EU IBAN, thereby hopefully avoiding the 2% or so that would be applied when sending it directly from a CH bank account to my EU bank account.

I added my CH IBAN as a beneficiary, but that still is linked to the same GB IBAN.

When trying to change my address to my CH residence I get blocked and redirected to a chat where I get messages from a bot with info about verification etc. which I think is all already taking care off. What could I do progress here? I like Revolut but there is only human customer service for specific topics.

Just type “live agent” into the chat reply.


Great, that worked. Thank you. Support took a while, as photos taken through the app were invisible to the agent, but after proof of address was finally shared the address change / new CH IBAN was taken care off. Thanks again
All the best.


Hi everyone,
I have a question for those who have a swiss IBAN on Revolut: do you have also a GB IBAN for other currencies ?