IBAN for Switzerland

I don’t know why Robert has to pay fees and how he knows that Swift is used. I don’t work in the payment department but a colleague confirmed to me that my transfer was a SIC and CS was used as intermediary.

Strange stuff. I also don’t think that they switch back and forth all the time.

Hi Robert

Very confusing all this.

Is it to an own account of yourself and what is the target bank?

Would be interesting which party claims the fee. I don’t think Revolut does.

How do you know that Swift is used?


As far as I know, it has always been intermediary or receiving banks, not Revolut.

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I confirm this, just to test a transfer, I made a 100 chf to my BCGE bank account and the 100 chf arrived without any additional fees.

The surprising thing is that they arrived in like 10 minutes, so it was almost realtime. I was so surprised.

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