IBAN for Switzerland

This is great, thank you! :sunglasses:

Indeed the EUR account has an IBAN number but the CHF one is a CHF IBAN at Credit Suisse. I can transfer CHF to this account from my UBS account at no cost.

Oxmynx, this is only the case if you are a Swiss resident. Those who registered an address outside of Switzerland with their Revolut account will only get the GB… IBAN (which you can also see in the SWIFT tab).

Is it worth getting TW just to bypass this then? Because you are still able to use CHF within your account right? I did my last purchase yesterday 15th. (the bot message was on the 9th). Im in the same boat; live in France and work in Switzerland.

It certainly is and is a well proven method and lets you avoid any unforeseen currency conversions
and other fees on the way to your own bank account.

It offers even more local bank accounts like the personal US one and works great as a backup card abroad (TW card is debit)

UBS has a packet that is free of charge in the first year and 10chf per month after. There’s no difference from swiss resident and non swiss resident.
A lot of banks applies extra charges (i.e. PostFinance), others not (BPS Swiss) but it depends of the bank.

Hi there,

I’ve created a TW account now, but it doesn’t work for me. If I try so send CHF to my GB-Revolut-IBAN, it says that this IBAN doesn’t support CHF.

What do I do wrong?

You are supposed to use the TW card to top up Revolut

That’s due to they have a pooled acount in CH now; it’s one from CS - should be visible in your Revolut-Account-Info…

The GB-Revolut-IBAN is either for EUR or GBP (depending which one you are using)…

which only is available for swiss residents, nonetheless

right, forgot about that…
@Dadai 's right - use TW-card

I just did one up load using the TW card as source of fund and I saw a 1GPB charges that was then declined. So far no fees charged but will keep an eye

the 1 GBP transaction is just to verify that the card exists and the correct details were entered

I am a Swiss resident with two Postfinance accounts, one in CHF and one in EUR. Sending CHF from revolut to my CHF Postfinance account works fine. But when I try to send EUR from revolut to my EUR Postfinance account, I get ‘declined’ without any further hint at where the problem lies.

Is it a Postfinance thing? A revolut thing? A PEBKAC thing?
Is there another way for me to get Euros out of revolut without changing them to a different currency?

I have the same setup at PostFinance and entered BIC+IBAN of my PF EUR account in :r: and payments are executed as SEPA from :r: to PF.

does anyone know if withdrawals from CHF revolut to CHF swiss bank account is now free of charge (no swift fees) as opposed to mid 2019?

I just recently (17.12.2019) did a transfer from :r: to Neon and this was free. Amount was CHF 250.- .

So the chances should be quite good that it is free. It would be highly appreciated if you comment your experience.

thanks for your reply. i in return will let you know as well once i make a transfer.

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I’m regularly transferring > 1000 CHF from R to a CH-IBAN and it costs 14 CHF, because it’s handled via SWIFT. Last transfer was 30-Dec-2019.

Can you confirm this?