IBAN for Switzerland


I‘ve zkb and i dont pay anything to transfer to revolut. Its a sepa payment. Or do i miss something?


If you transfer to the Euro account in Euro then it is SEPA. However, if you transfer to the CHF account in CHF, this is not a SEPA payment


Also stopping by to ping this thread. I am watching Revolut for more than a half year now. Loving the idea and going to be an avid user. Also consider, we Swiss may be small in numbers, but we always have to juggle around different currencies, since we are doing our ego CHF thing… :wink: Would be really great, if this impediment could be resolved soonish. As long as there is no CH IBAN, Revolut just doesn’t make sense out of an economical perspective. Swiss banks are currently fumbling the ball, so there you don’t have any competition - looking at you Twint. :smiley: But it may be only a matter of time until one of the big boys will step in an pick up the nugget (usual suspects like Apple and Google - and not to forget that even Amazon and Ali starting to discover CH as an asset). Please - make it so. For you to get the market penetration you deserve. Cheers.


I am sure Brussels would not object to Switzerland joining the eurozone :wink:


Hello Revolut members,
Any update for a swiss iban ?
In march it was a few weeks away to have it… still nothing and no update anymore.


No update


Since Postfinance has announced costume have to pay 5 CHF per month I think they look for a new bank without fee or better performance.
But without IBan it’s not so easy for the salary


you can try neon bank https://www.neon-free.ch (still in beta) and then take the TW route to Revolut


Wow, I’m also client with postfinance and had to find out over the revolut-community about their changes…

Ok, still with Raiffeisen, gonna miss the Postcard and the free SEPA-payments though… Bye postfinance!


Wow, I learned about PostFinance charges from 1 January 2019 also by chance, in Revolut forum. No info sent to PostFinance customers so far (at least not to me).

I liked PostFinance, everything was simple and efficient.
Is it worth paying 5 CHF/month for this account though - I don’t know.

Revolut personal IBAN would solve the problem for some people :slight_smile:
If it comes before end of the year.


Had a quick look at Neon. Extremely feature limited. Even for a beta.


I think the PostFinance Card alone is so useful within Switzerland, that 5.-/month are well spent.


It is useful, but can be easily replaced by Swiss-issued Maestro (UBS, CS, Banks Cantonal, etc.).
They also charge a fee for an account though.

With some conditions the CLER bank seems to have a free basic account+Maestro, but doesn’t seem to have English support (that PostFinance does very well, both online and on the phone)

For my use case, even with Personal IBAN from Revolut I wouldn’t be able to fully switch, cause of bill payments (Orange Payment Slip) - so I am stuck with Swiss banks.


Maestro has less online acceptance. Pretty much any Swiss online shop let’s you pay with Postfinance though.

In any case, as you rightly pointed out, if you live in Switzerland and need to pay bills, Revolut won’t work as your sole bank account anyway.


What do you miss?
As for me all the basic national services are there: bank to bank transfer, payment via payment slip, direct debit. Only that recurring payments aren’t possible is a downside.
I use Revolut for all other currencies anyway.

overview of all neon services: https://www.neon-free.ch/media/neon_services_and_prices.pdf


Recurring payments alone is a no go for me.
Missing SEPA as well.


Why do you need SEPA from a swiss bank account (unfavourable exchange rate included) if you have Revolut?


Because I need to maintain balances in CHF and EUR. I receive and send EUR, so no exchange is taking place. And before you say, why not use Revolut for it? Well, for time being I don’t think they are ready to replace a bank.
But even if I put aside SEPA, not having recurring payments is a no go. Also, after the 2nd ATM withdrawal, I am being charged 2 CHF by Neon. Since Switzerland is not a cashless society yet, I’d run up ATM charges that are higher than what my bank charges me monthly for 2 accounts and a Maestro card.


I’m also not sure what I should do with my postfinance account. They had quite some problems in the past:

  • maintenance work during the weekend where it was not possible to login to the e-banking
  • wrong totals for a few days in e-banking

All other banks I’m checking out have even higher fees, or everything in a package which a lot of features which I don’t need.

I love revolut very much, but I’m not sure if I would trust them with all my money…


Well, for those using Postfinance or Postcard to pay in online-shops, they can still use Twint (which is supported almost all online-shops one can pay with Postcard in)… With QR-Code, Twint actually works kinda reliable…

I’m currently moving all my assets from Postfinance to my main-banc; I’d rather pay for the V-Card (after year 2 :wink: and use Transferwise for paying “to EUR” as my banc has no free SEPA-payments…

And yeah. If revolut :r: acts wisly, they’d speed up the CH-IBAN thing (and the whole “paperwork for IRS”) NOW, as people in Switzerland are looking for an alternative to PF… If they don’t act NOW, :r: is forfaiting their acceptance in CH…