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I just received the same message as @Tong-Gama posted above from Revolut. The idea is that everybody that doesn’t have the address set up to Switzerland in the Revolut account will not be able to have a Swiss Franc iban available. I just went to chat support and in 15 minutes everything went back to normal. I had to prove residency in Switzerland (id, bills, etc.) but everything went super smooth.

Check the address you have set up under Personal tab and if it’s not Swiss, change it to your current address. If you’re not in Switzerland, well, I do not think that for now it’s an available option.

I’m having the same issue, suddenly the Swiss IBAN for local transfers disappeared … I have still got a top-up from my Swiss account pending (I’ve got the details saved on the e-banking website), I will see it it will go through.
This is my main (and the only free-of-charge) top-up method. It would be a pity if it had disappeared. I’m living in the border area of France, but working in Switzerland, so I get my salary payments in CHF on a Swiss account.
So perhaps if I would change the address for my Revolut account to my (swiss) office address I would get this feature back?

Same here:

Account is based in Austria, CH IBAN was switched off.
Would have been a great product for people like me, working in Switzerland an living in Austria.

So: Welcome Transferwise, might use Revolut in future only for GBP and EUR.


What I can’t get is this rule. I already have an account in Switzerland and it’s not required to live in the country. In order to have a credit card, you need a work permit. In order to have a bank account, you can live in other countries

am not sure this is the best threat for this post but I think there are many people here with experience in this and you will be able to help, hopefully.
I am living in Spain and I am receiving a scholarship from Switzerland (in CHF) to live for a while in Israel.
I made the revolut account because in theory it is possible change currency myself without paying a comission for it but I am a bit confused about the comission for the transferences. At Revoult they say that they will not charge a comission but maybe the original bank or a bank in the middle would charge a comission for transferring…
As I am not swiss resident my IBAN starts with GB so I don´t know if it is possible not to change the currency in the way to my account… Revolut said I can receive the money in CHF in my account but I am afraid that they make even another change CHF-EUR/GBP-CHF.
What I am really intereste in is in knowing if, for example, my scholarship is 1000 CHF transfered from a swiss bank into my revolut account I will receive that same amount of money in my revolut account with a GB IBAN (the app says I can only receive SWIFT transferences).
Then I need to change the money into Israeli shekels but I think it should be free of charge as I should be able to do it myself in the app, isnt it?
Thanks for helping.

Thank you - it’s a good explanation.
It’s really less interesting for me to have a Revolut account without the possibility of local transfer.

My bank charges 10CHF for a transfer out of Switzerland.

The same thing happened to me last night, Friday, 9 August, with the “Local” tab and Revolut’s CH pooling account disappearing from the CHF part of my account. I also received the same chatbot message from Rita (see above), saying that I had it “in error” and the local Swiss pooling IBAN should have been available to Swiss residents only.

The agent I chatted with afterwards said the following:

So, basically, if you opened your Revolut account from Switzerland with a Swiss address, nothing changed. If you do not reside in Switzerland, however, too bad. Rita-chatbot did mention that they hope to get it back for all before the year end.

changing the address is not feasible as it comes with quite some disadvantages like no personal local GB bank coordinates, no revolut insurance coverage for premium/metal users etc.
Seems that you all will have to do the transferwise workaround for now:

  • open transferwise borderless account
  • pay money to TW CHF account (also a collection account with reference number)
  • top up revolut with TW card

Here’s the thing. You can only do local transfers in your resident country. Your resident country is the country you used when you registered (i.e. the address). You can change this to a different country (assuming you can provide the required documentation), but then you get the local transfers there, and can then only do cross-border transfers from your “old” country. But in the EU there is SEPA, which shouldn’t involve any surchages, even across borders. In fact, the transfer information for my EU based bank looks EXACTLY the same under the LOCAL and SWIFT tabs in the app.

Alas, despite SEPA, your EU bank may or may not charge you for transfers, either in or out.

I too, “lost” my ability to do a local CHF transfer to my revolut account, which worked just fine last week (my account is based in the EU).

Its almost certainly some kind of regulartory issue, but as Revolut has already vetted me, and my bank(s) have similarly vetted me, even if they are in different countries, its strange that we’re disallowed to to local transfers.

were you replying to me?

If so, the huge advantage of TW is that they provide local account regardless of your country of residence.
Instead of doing the transfer to Revolut’s local account you send it to TW’s local account. The only extra step is topping up Revolut with the TW card.

Yes. A Swiss citizen resident in Switzerland.

Rita-chatbot did mention that they hope to get it back for all before the year end.
That was dismissed during a lenghtly discussion that I’ve had with live support about the issue.
Let’ see what’s gonna happen, I wouldn’t hold my breath though.

So we are back to TW method for top-ups, this time for non-Swiss users
A detailed “How to” in the first post in this thread:

You can get free dedicated Swiss IBANs at ibani.com and use them to top up your account.

and how would that help here?
It’s just an IBAN that forwards the money with fees.

It helps as it is simpler and better than the TW > CC > RV method.

You can do ibani > RV directly, with your own Swiss IBAN (not a pooled one, so no need to use reference numbers), no transfer fees and a currency exchange rate that is on par (better actually) than CurrencyFair.

Thanks for the alternatives!

I think this is not the case (any more?). At least when I tried earlier last year, I only got 995 CHF credited for the 1000 CHF I was transferring.
With the sender pays option, I got credited the full amount on Revolut but got later charged 5 CHF in fees by UBS.

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this is outdated for quite a while but the post could only be edited so and so many times and then not anymore

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ibani causes fees i gathered?
in this moment, you could as easily use SEPA and swallow the loss by Euro-conversion of the CHF you want to transmit (cheaper)…

anybody who used the former way with the pooled :r: account can just use the pooled account of Transferwise instead and top up via TW card without any fees :man_shrugging: