IBAN for international transfers

Hi, i see in my £ account there is IBAN but the account name is Revolut, for local is my name and account number. How can I deposit my salary in an account with other name? Thanks in advance.

For local transfers (GBP <=> GBP) use local account.
In case of SWIFT transfer (international) please remember about your reference number- it allows to assign transfer with your Revolut account.

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Hi Redi, thanks for the reply, but this is exactly what I said in my question, how can my company pay my salary in name of Revolut? it is swift international transfer. I am wrong? would your company pays your salary to Revolut’s name? Thanks again…

Yes, I know. You’re right.
And in last post you’re right too :wink:.
Yes, this is SWIFT international transfer.
Yes, you can use it for third party payment (i.e. your employer can send you salary to this account).
Yes, your employer has to put Revolut’s data.
Your employer has to type you reference number. Without it it has to be assigned manually by Revolut.
It isn’t cheap, because of intermediary bank’s fees.

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Hi Redi, my employer will never pay my salary to a third party, it agains the law. thanks :wink:

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In that case the only way is to use local account, but for GBP it is possible to do it only if your employer has a British account.

The local GBP and EUR accounts on :r:evolut are under your name. But if your employer requires an actual bank account take a look at monese, and then you transfer the GBP to revolut for exchange and transfer internationally.

The GBP IBAN is for transfers in GBP from abroad, not from the UK.

Hi Alejandro, that is my case from abroad, it against the law any company pays salary into another names. Thanks anyway. Maybe one day revolut can manage this.

@Manolocs so you live in the UK and get paid in GBP from abroad? go for starling bank.

And if you don’t live in the UK but get paid in GBP from somewhere not part of the UK, go for monese.

both will give you a unique IBAN under your name that can receive GBP via SWIFT


So, as @alejandro.mery already asked, you receive payments in GBP but not from within the UK but from abroad and hence need an IBAN instead of an account number?

If that is the case, you can only use the shared SWIFT account with Revolut. I would not be aware of any legal difficulties in that case but if it still does not work for you, Revolut wont be an option.

Hi Redi, where can you add the reference number when making a transaction from US account to UK account?

Hi Alessandro, I was unable to make a bank transfer from US to UK account. It was asking for a SWIFT number with US instead of GB for the 5th and 6th letter. Is there anyone from Revolut staff that can help??

Also, where can you add the reference number when making the providing the Revolut account details?

Do you mean external (not from Revolut account) wired transfer? In “description” field I suppose.