IBAN Discrimination in France

Awesome, thank you :wink:

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Good news! SFR has followed through and now everyone can add their SEPA IBAN from any SEPA Country :partying_face:


I cannot wait to have IBAN starting with FR to create a business account !

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Currently I’m paying for my SFR cellphone plan with my N26 debit but cannot pay in EUR using my GB IBAN from revolut. Is this something to do with Brexit?

Not too sure, I’m paying with my LT Iban, are you based in the UK?

I had an LT IBAN when my residence was in France, but now I’m residing in Switzerland with a local CH IBAN and a GB IBAN for my EUR account.

Weird that they don’t take the GB Iban but I guess that would be related to Brexit. Not too sure though

Switzerland is still served be there UK legal entity. The CH IBAN is not a personal account but the Swiss collection account they have at Credit Suisse. The GB IBAN you can use for any currency, even for CHF.

Various German Companies still reject any foreign IBAN Numbers or don’t offer alternatives through their forms. I have a standard “bust-them” letter in my banking folder that I fire at such companies, naming fierce regulation institutions & sanctions to follow if they don’t give in instantly. I have zero tolerance at this point.
Extra effort for me and I hate them for it but in 98% of the cases I’m successful.
One company tried to get around it, the BAFIN was fast. two weeks later they nearly took them out of business before they gave in lol. German regulations are handling this quite serious because it slows down the overall market growth and that’s something they don’t tolerate^^


Really cool, everyone should have that in their banking folder :slight_smile: there’s not many things in France that you can’t pay with debit/credit card so it’s really only the old institutions like Telcos and Public Transport that want you to pay with direct debit

Just joined this thread.
I live in France, have Revolut Business & Personal accounts & heard that Revolut is asking French authorities for permission to have FR IBANs.
Does anyone know if this has been granted?
I can’t find any news on the Revolut site/app.
Thank you.

I don’t think so, Monese just recently switched to FR Ibans but the idea would be that you can live in one EU country and use an Iban of whatever country

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This is so smart of you. Can you please share the content of the letter, I mean where did you find the regulations and all? is it something provided by Revolut? I am sorry but I am a new user and something tells me that I might run into these kinds of issues.

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Do you have any updates on FR IBAN for Revolut accounts?
Thank you /Merci!

Hi there, there is no update on FR IBANs for Revolut but I have contacted two companies who did not accept the foreign IBANs and I have won both cases. The NavigoPass and RATP accept the foreign IBANs when you go to one of their offices. I had no problem to do so. You will need to find a mediator in the respective area or you can just sue the companies in question yourself. For me this has always worked. I think the only exception with the EU law is governmental Agencies like Social Insurance etc where they can ask you for a domestic Bank Account.


Hi, great news, thanks!

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