IBAN Discrimination in France


I live in Paris and working with local companies here having a IBAN that starts with GB is a nightmare. None of the telco companies take IBANs that don’t start with FR. I have recently launched an investigation with several Consumer protection government agencies like Banque de France and la DGCCRF into SFR and RATP (the metro company here in Paris and Ile de France). I think this might be useful or interesting for some of you. I’ll keep this updated with replies when I get them :slight_smile:


If you want to act as well here is the two most useful links and info on how to open an investigation online:

create an account: https://accueil.banque-france.fr/index.html#/accueil

And what is the explanation they give? why do they discriminate against him?

SFR and RATP have not replied to anything yet.

Well the situation is similar in Sweden :frowning_face:

Can I ask why RATP would take an IBAN anyways? Don’t you just tap to get a ticket from the Métro’s machine? Or is that the foreigner way of doing it haha

Most people living there have a yearly subscription to avoid queueing every other week or month.
So I would say machines are usually used for day tickets

Correct @Olivier-Pierre.

here is a reply from La Banque de France.
I knew they were not really the right institution so I had already opened the case again with la DGCCRF :slight_smile:


Here is an overview of the government watchdogs applicable by country. They need to make sure the article 9 of EU regulation 260/2012 :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing everything!
How surprising they replied this fast! Quite unexpected lol

Haha I agree. I was quite surprised myself. Then again I don’t think they have a huge workload lol

Haha, yeah it makes sense lol

The Reply of DGCCRF:

Unfortunately not much help but I contacted the Ombudsman “Mediateur”.

Could you provide a TL;Dr for those who aren’t great at French? :slight_smile:

I can sum it up as “we don’t care… you’re on your own”, but written in a nicer way:
Contact SFR and try to find a way of solving your issue. If this fails, contact a mediator. If no amiable solution was found you can try solving this in court.
My French is basically non-existent, so I may be wrong.

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Yes exactly basically this. I launched a claim at the mediator and it went really well. SFR responded within 24hrs (which they normally don’t) and they set up my REVOLUT IBAN as direct debit. Mission accomplished. Let’s see what RATP is gonna do :slight_smile:


I see hope in there!
Thanks for sharing!!

Any useful link to share? What’s the process to get the mediator involved?

Ah sorry guys, yes there is some useful links. The SFR Customer Service is hard to get hold of but you can use this link to send them the online form, there is no direct email you can write to: https://assistance.sfr.fr/contacter/#nav=TM-5-5-6

The mediator said that one should only contact them if there is really no help from the telecomcompany so first step would be to reach out to the customer service via email with the link above and then if they don’t respond favourably hit up the mediator on: https://www.mediation-telecom.org
then you can form your complaint.

There is also an update from RATP. I got the letter from DGCCRF and they said that there is a mediator for the public transport as well: https://www.ratp.fr/mediateur/
Basically you need to send the customer service an email and have in writing that they can’t add your GB IBAN for the DIRECT DEBIT. I then reached out to the mediator and got an email today saying that my claim is valid and that RATP will go into mediation :slight_smile:


Awesome, thank you :wink:

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Good news! SFR has followed through and now everyone can add their SEPA IBAN from any SEPA Country :partying_face: