IBAN Discrimination - France

and indeed it seems to have happened in one recent case to my knowledge where the LT account holder has been waiting patiently for some time so it is happening :+1:
Just hang on in there.

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Sorry to post here but I am not able to create a new topic seemingly.

Hello, I am a revolut customer in France, French citizenship only. My daughter turned 18 and is dual citizen French and American. She will study from September in Paris France. Can she open a revolut account in France and can she use my referral link ?

@lbonvarl Hello, Welcome to the :r: community. :heart_eyes:

For more detailed answers to your questions, please refer to the FAQ link provided below :

  1. Opening an account in France
  2. Referrals

Hope this helps. :pray:

Veda | Community Team

please don’t post spam :roll_eyes: I removed the link.

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