IBAN/BIC not coherent: any workaround?



I’ve just opened my Revolut account, but I cannot Top Up my account via the personal EUR Account. My (French) bank does not accept the pair IBAN/BIC…
I see that the problem is already known and you are working on, but in the meanwhile could you please provide some workaround for the Bank Transfers?
i.e. how to Top Up with the old method? the details are no longer visible in the app…

For the time being, I’m stucked: I can’t top up via Bank Transfer, and I can’t even top up via Debit Card because my French Virtual Card is apparently recognized as a Credit Card and I’ve already lost some money as fees.

Thanks for any suggestion,


Same problem. My French bank rejects the combination of new IBAN and BIC, probably because the IBAN is “LT” and BIC is “GB”. Please resolve it as it makes your service unusable.


See here:



There is no Problem with the BIC and the IBAN. The Database of your Bank is just out of date. I have multiple bank accounts (Fidor Bank, bunq, N26) and it works. Fidor Bank updated their database yesterday and it works now.


Looks like this is a situation of legacy banks only updating their IBAN/BIC references every fortnight.


Hi Fabio,
I have the same issue as my French bank doesn’t valid the new personal IBAN LTxxx.
My workaround : searching a previous transfert on my bank website. I was able to to found the detail/ref in a the transfer history.
After that, i just made a transfer from my bank with the former way (old IBAN + old Ref) : it works well
The transfer takes 2 days : ok
Hope it helps


Same problem here - my bank says the country code associated to the BIC code does not match the country code associated with IBAN, which is understandable because Revolut provided me with Latvian IBAN starting with LTXX… yet the BIC code is British.


To me the issue seems that some or all Revolut users got IBANs of countries that don’t match the BIC country code. For example, my Revolut IBAN is in Latvian format (starting with LTXX…) yet the BIC is British.

This should obviously work in principle, but it’s not really that one could contact their bank and simply ask them “Hey guys, listen, Revolut just provided me with an IBAN in a format of one country, yet the BIC is British, so c’mon guys just update your system accordingly.”

And another thing - N26 works well because both IBAN and BIC are actually German. So not really an issue to blame the banks for - rather Revolut who opted for this discrepancy format not really recognized by European banks.


Transfers worked with 2 out of 3 banks I tested. All European. When N26 got their bank license, customers reported similar problems with the new IBAN.

My guess is (and my bank somewhat confirmed that assumption), thank banks are slow in updating their databases. Other users here reported that it didn’t work at first but a couple of days later.


Hi Thy,

thanks for your reply, actually my problem is that I joined Revolut only 2 days ago therefore I do not have my personal code to Top Up on the common IBAN.
That’s exactly what I proposed to the support: providing in the app both the details, the ones with personal IBAN and the ones with the common one.
For the moment I have only the first… but unusable :confused:



Where are you getting this British bic nonsense? Because it has GB in the name? It is absolutely irrelevant. It could be PUSSYCAT.


Same problem here as well. The bank will not allow me to proceed with the bank details given from the app. “IBAN and BIC code doesn’t match”. I am a new user so i cannot top it up using the old way!!


Sorry, but every IBAN and BIC has a country code identifier - IBAN starts with the country code letters, while BIC contains them as well.

The fact that you are ignorant of the banking/finances area does not justify your input.


That’s just for easier referencing, but really has nothing to do with actual origin country of the bic code.

If it is registered as pussycat in the database then it is pussycat.


It does have to do, as this referencing follows EU regulation on the issue. Check your traditional bank IBAN and BIC and you’ll see.


That regulation is for easier referencing, so that bank systems work correctly, but it can be anything as long as it is the correct length.

It clearly shows country as Lithuania.


The reason why there is GB in the BIC code is because Revolut is a UK registered company with their main offices in the UK.

But the BIC is proper for this LT IBAN range.


Yes, i know it is proper. I never said it was not matching. But traditional banks have often their systems configured so that the IBAN country code matches the BIC country code, and this is why I am unable to make a transfer.


Explains everything.


My bank has the same problem (Triodos, Netherlands). I contacted them and they will adjust their systems this week.