IBAN and other services: Coming soon?

Hi guys,

I have heard from various people that many products of Revolut are planned and have been listed as coming soon since many months. Does any one know what does “Coming soon” stands for in those situations? Because sincerely, A coming soon isn’t something that should last a year usually.

Any indications when we will start having direct IBANS and also? For the different currencies?

Also, another question; does any one know if we can then directly top up into different currencies? (like having different currency accounts without the need to exchange from the base currency account)

Finally; regarding the cards that are issued, both virtual and physical, the base currency is the same card currency right? I’ve check the FAQ section but haven’t found any information on that. And what if we want a USD based card etc,. ?

Thank you all!


In Help Center, you can find all currencies that are supported for direct top ups via card.

In addition, you can top up all currencies that you can hold with international transfers. Local transfers are offerd for GBP and EUR only at the moment.