I withdrew money from paypal to revolut (added as a bank) but money hasn't arrived

I added my revolut account as a paypal bank with no problems. They sent the money verifications and they both came through so I thought I was all set to go, but now I withdrew around 1.3k from my paypal into revolut and it hasn’t shown up yet. Its been around 3 days. It could be that I need to wait more but since the first 1 euro test of paypal was near instant I’m getting worried.

Did you get this solved? I plan on trying out withdrawing funds from paypal in dollars to revolut than exchanging with revolut, to avoid paypals hidden fees. Not wanting to do this if its dodgy…

Yes, it works great! Money came through 3-4 days after pressing withdraw
from paypal. I’ve done it around 3 more times since then. Really hand
feature. Just make sure you add your account as a bank on paypal and dont
withdraw to card.

Funny how some transactions take more time… Every time I withdraw money from paypal it says “it might take up to 21 hours to arrive” (yes, 21 :roll_eyes: )
Around 21 hours later they send another email saying “okay, it will now arrive in 2 hours” and it does…
So for me, every time it takes ~23 hours.

For some people it seems faster, for you it seems slower (3 days!)

Interesting! Are you based in the US? I’m based in Europe.

  • James

Europe as well, UK paypal, GBP, using GBP Revolut details (sort code + account number).

Somewhat annoyingly, paypal doesn’t let me transfer dollars to my english revolut using revoluts exchange rate, paypal enforces theirs.

I had thought maybe i can get around this by transferring as dollars (so held in the $ wallet) but paypal doesn’t give you any options to allow that either.

Anyone managed to get around paypals extortionate currency conversion using revolut?

Maybe if you wait until Revolut launches in the US (Q1 of this year I think), register a new Paypal (US), and link it to your new local US account. You should then be able to make an ACH transfer.
Requires patience and dedication (possibly infringing some Paypal ToS), I don’t recommend it :laughing:

I’m currently waiting for a UK PayPal transfer to show up in my GBP revolut account. I’ve done it multiple times before and the most I’ve waited is 3 hours. This latest transaction is getting on 7 hours now. PayPal showing complete, but Revolut support says could take up to 24.
Nail biting time isn’t it?

How did you add revolut as a bank? When I try it asks me for a sort code & account number. There is no sort code on my revolut card. I successfully added my card to paypal as a visa card but now I can’t figure out how to withraw money from paypal to put it on the card. please help?

If you go into the account section of the app, revolut gives you individual
bank accounts for different currencies, you need to activate your british
account and it gives you the sort code there :slight_smile:

I may not have made myself clear. I mean’t how do I transfer paypal money into my revolut account? I have managed to verify my revolut card on Paypal but I don’t know how to transfer my paypal money into Revolut.

You need to add revolut as a bank using your the account and sort number
peovided to yoi by revolut. Then from paypal you simply withdraw to the
bank account revolut.

I created my uk revolut bank account then added the sort code & account number on Paypal. This is the message I’m getting “We’re sorry, we can’t move forward
We couldn’t verify your account.” I completely stuck

Are there any feed when transferring from paypal to revolut (via bank account as detailed above)?

I don’t have yet a paypal account, yet I guess it would support receiving EUR on it and then push it to Revolut EUR wallet… right?

Was your PayPal account an US account?

I am trying to add my revolut account to my US Paypal account but when adding the account it asks me for routing numbers etc (Checking or savings). I am not sure if the IBAN works here…