I was not able to pay online in US with the Revolut card


I tried to buy something from fragrancex.com but, although the money were taken from my revolut account, the seller canceled the order due to the fact that the provided address doesn’t match the records from the bank (revolut). When I ordered, I used the same address that is saved on the revolut app. What should I do in order to be able to order again?
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Did you pay with a virtual card or a physical ?


I only have a physical card so I used the physical one.


you can always add your card to paypal and pay whatever you want…


revolut card doesn’t even reply back with any address or postal/zip code, so this likely was the merchant assuming that since it is a UK card that it was a stolen one


Hey @stcosmin, as I can see the payments have been reverted back. Looks like the merchant doesn’t authorise the payments.


Most likely @windozer is right. In US they have a system that compare the address and because revolut doesn’t reply back with an address, the payment is rejected. Can revolut fix this issue? Why they don’t reply with the address saved in the app?


@AndreasK @revolut When this issue will be fixed? There is no way to pay online on US websites due to this issue.


Correct. SAME FOR CANADA. But not always. That is the strange thing.

While I could not buy anything online at Canadas Wonderland and Cinemaxx I could buy the Adventure Pass Niagara Falls Ontario online as well as an IMAX Niagara Falls Ontario Ticket and Marineland Ticket.

The Merchant always says that Revolut is not accepting the Payment and Revolut always says that the Merchant is not accepting the Payment. A big Circle with the only Exit to travel IN PERSON to where you want anTicket for and pay at POS with the Consequence that it may bemore expensive, sold out or Specials that are only availiable online are declined.


Hello Revolut, any plan to fix this ?