I want to send EUR from RON Revolut account via bank transfer


Hi everyone,

I have read other topics but still not sure about this. I hope you can help, I’m fairly new to Revolut.

My base currency in Revolut is RON. I want to pay 300 EUR into a Romanian bank account setup in EUR, via bank transfer. Is it possible to do this with Revolut?
I am paying an advance for a holiday and I really want to avoid the sting of the exchange rate from local banks/exchange shops.

The only way I can think of is topping up Revolut in RON, exchanging in EUR and then (if it works) making the bank transfer in EUR.

Have any of you tried this? Do you know if it works? Any other ideas? Are there any Revolut fees? I will check on my own if the receiving bank applies any charges on their behalf for receiving transfers from international accounts.

Many thanks in advance,


You do not have to exchange beforehand. Just tap transfer and go from there. If you have activated your personal EUR account beforehand (via profile --> accounts --> EUR), money will be sent in your name. Revolut never ever charges for transfers, and for SEPA EUR payments no fees from other banks apply. Unless you’re sending EUR to Switzerland, they are allowed to charge for incoming EUR SEPA payments. :wink:


Thank you very much, Frank!


Great. Happy to help.

(Just one thing to clarify, I haven’t thought about this when claiming “never ever”: there is a fee Revolut charges for turbo transfers. Regular transfers are always free.)


Do you get some sort of evidence that the money have arrived to the person?
I have to pay some hotel in Greece and dont want to end up in situation where the hotel states that there are no money and I can not prove that I have send them


Revolut is not different than any other bank in that respect. All you can get is a “confirmation” that a transfer has been made, showing a recipient’s account details.


I agree, but the only sort of confirmation I can see is on my phone and is not in one screen so that I can screenshot it and send to the hotel as evidence. I was expecting some form stating:
Mister X has send to Mister Y with IBAN xxxx this amount of money on 27 Feb 2018 via Revolute.



You can generate a receipt for a single payment. Tap on it. You can then share this from within the app.


This statement contains only the name of the Person, and the amount, but no information for IBAN, bank or whatever .
It does not look legit - if you show me this - I will not believe you. This is what I mean.
I have just received a “Transfer has been executed” email from Revolut, which I can forward to the recipient. Now waiting to get a mail confirming that the transaction is completed.


From Revolut? That’s not possible. The recipent’s account does not send a confirmation to the sender.