I want to reopen an account on revolut and we can't once is terminated why??

I have the same issue with my daughter. She is now on a blacklist ! It seems there is no solution …

Good afternoon,
I got a question, how can i re-actived my account. I can’t find any helpful information on the website and i can’t get in touch with someone via the chat. I’m new on the community website.

You need to open a new account

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I’ve moved your post to a more appropriate topic.
The replies in here may help you.


I would like to reopen my account. Can someone please help me?
I get “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later.” when I try to use same phone number.
Thank you

Good morning,
My revolut account has been deactivated.
So how can I solve it please help me.

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7 days going on but I can’t solve my deactivated account it’s big troubles for me.bcz I can’t transection to other online banking.

what steps have you taken to contact :r: outside the app ?

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Hello, i tried to reactivate my account with revolut through feedback@revolut.com and they have told me that they cannot help me. So how can i get the account back?

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Sorry, i just had to sign up again in revolut and everything worked fine.


Hi @bspopescu and welcome
I’m so pleased that your issue is resolved.
It did occur to me looking through the replies in this topic that it might be the case and I’m sure someone else encountering a similar problem in the future will be encouraged and similarly served by your update.
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did you resolve problem? I have the same

You tagged @T2Bunny but they haven’t been active on this site since October 2020.
The posts above indicate that if you closed the account you have to sign up again.

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When I entered same phone number,It putting me to previous acct which is deactivated :frowning:

After you close an account you can open a new one but you have to change your phone number. In order to use the same one I think you need to apsect 6 years (the time for which revolut is obligated by law to maintain personal data)


Hello, I also recently closed a Revolu account on the grounds that I could not deposit money into the account or make any payments, and now I would like to open another one with the same data or to reopen the old one but to be able to make payments or I put money on it. with whom could I clarify this problem

Have you tried clicking login in the app?

Hi @Cocodani and welcome.
[This post] in this topic further up :arrow_up: provided an answer to your question.


I tried this and it still puts me on the old account

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