I want to close my account


Hi Revolut,

I can’t activate my account and I can’t access the website you sent. I tried to chat with the online support agent, and waited for an hour, but no one answer. Even now I can’t chat with them because the app doesn’t allow me to send messages. Strange!

I want to close my account because it is useless. I am really tired of dealing with activation.

If there any Revolut staff is here, help me please… This is the only way that I can contact with you.


Hey @chen1 :slight_smile:

Consider reaching :r: through Twitter:


Thank you Juliopp. I will try it.


Hi there.

I can see that an agent responded to your query via chat - are you not able to see the message?


Hi AndreasK
Thank you for replying me. The app works again now. I just saw the messages on the app.