I want my account closed and my money returned


How can I close my account and have my money returned to the bank account from which I had sent them? Sending money to revolut was a bad decision and now I have 110 euros stuck. I want my money back and never have to deal with this scam again!


Log in to your Revolut account to enter your order to send money to your bank account. Then disable all card features and disconnect card from your account. And if you want to cut it off for a guitar plectrums or put it in the fireplace. When you do this, you will delete the Revolut application and forget all … (a bit joking ;-)).


this is why this revolut business is such a scam. I cannot sent my money back to my bank account, I have to verify my identity. So revolut is ok with receiving money without verification but when you try to withdraw the same amount of money to the same bank account from which it was sent in the first place they dont allow it…
so fu revolut give me my money back