I want my account closed and my money returned

How can I close my account and have my money returned to the bank account from which I had sent them? Sending money to revolut was a bad decision and now I have 110 euros stuck. I want my money back and never have to deal with this scam again!


Log in to your Revolut account to enter your order to send money to your bank account. Then disable all card features and disconnect card from your account. And if you want to cut it off for a guitar plectrums or put it in the fireplace. When you do this, you will delete the Revolut application and forget all … (a bit joking ;-)).

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this is why this revolut business is such a scam. I cannot sent my money back to my bank account, I have to verify my identity. So revolut is ok with receiving money without verification but when you try to withdraw the same amount of money to the same bank account from which it was sent in the first place they dont allow it…
so fu revolut give me my money back


I am not answering, rather asking the same question. My problem is that I have 2 accounts in the same currency. I have transferred a substantial amount tomthe first account that I had. The amount transferred does not appear yet after 2 days. How to get my funds back?

I too want to close my account because I don’t agree with the changes to the App which require me to submit my photo. This is something introduced to the App after I opened the account. I can’t enter the app without submitting the photo and I can’t close my account until I enter the App. I can’t post a question in the chat because I can’t enter the App. I can’t even post a question in this community as a new user because that facility is not available for new users. How do I close my account?

By contacting Revolut support. In this user community no support is offered. And yes, Revolut support can be contacted in several ways without needing to log into the app.

you can’t close it unless you pass their verification or you contact the staff but they gonna ask you to pass the verification as well

in the app you can easily delete your account, before to do it just make a transfert back of your 110€ so the process will be easier and faster

Hey, how did the situation go? I have the same problem…

This is exactly what happened to me in so mad
I want my money

There are many reasons why :r: may hold on to your money and without you providing further details, it is impossible to address your question adequately.
One reason may well be money laundering regulation. If you have been asked for further information (perhaps to do with the source of the funds) and you have not answered them, your money will be sandboxed and held until they have satisfied the due diligence behind the MLR and there is little you can do about it. They have not stolen your money, the law demands that they take this action.
If the amount is significant, then it perhaps was foolhardy to commit such a large sum initially without first verifying that the account was properly active before doing so.
For the future, any unusual activity planned on your account should be first cleared in-app with :r: to ensure safe and uneventful transition of funds. Under the regulations, :r: are under no obligation to tell you why they have seized the funds, only the steps you must take to satisfy the regulations and provided you do so in a timely and complete fashion, all should be well and your funds released in to your account (assuming the test requirements are met, of course).
This is not the place to rant about this issue. The resolution is entirely in your hands provided you follow the rules and address the concerns.
Just, for a moment, try to see it from their perspective. Lets say you came into possession of a large amount of cash which you are wishing to launder illegally (I am not suggesting you are btw). If they just gave you the money back, what is to say that you wouldn’t try a similar scam with another institution? That’s why they hold your money until the due diligence is completed satisfactorily. It may eventually have to be handed over to the appropriate fiscal authority as potentially proceeds of crime any only a Court of Justice in the territory from where the funds originated will be in a position to release them on application.

I mistakenly send in funds to my closed revolution account in error. It’s been five days now and no refund is being made. Kindly advise appropriately. Thanks

this is a user forum and not the place to ask questions of :r: support…

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I am already waiting 20 days for my transfer of funds to my account of another Polish bank. the amount of about 1700 Polish zlotys. Support only responds to the templates that they are sorry and they are working 27 on 7 on my question. But the fact that the application says that my transaction has been completed is interesting. But 7 days have already passed and my bank in Poland does not see any money at all. Details and everything else are specified exactly and there are no mistakes. Maybe someone can help?

I’ve transferred money from my Revolut account to my other bank accounts without a problem, both small and larger sums.