I used SWIFT instead of SEPA


Hi Revolut team,
I’ve got a financial issue.
I’m in France and I transfered 5000€ to the English account through SWIFT.
But it seems that i made a mistake.
To who should I talk for find my money?


What do you mean by English account? Are you saying you transferred 5000 euro to the GBP account via SWIFT? If so, there was an identical issue yesterday

and @AndreasK should be able to help.


The most likely outcome is that the money will be credited as GBP to your wallet with some fees for conversion deducted. SWIFT transfers take some time, a couple of days, it won’t be as quick as a SEPA EUR transfer.


Yes exactly, the GBP account.
@alessandro Do you think it means that it will take more than 10 days?


SWIFT takes longer than SEPA (and costs more) but still not ten days. It might be only that there could be an issue assigning the funds to your account. In that case it would need to happen manually … again @AndreasK :slight_smile:


@AndreasK help ! :slight_smile:
Thank you Alessandro for your help.


Do you have a bank transfer confirmation that you can send me via a DM?


Done :slight_smile:
I sent you a screen shot cause I couldn’t send PDF file