I used revolut to transfer €4600 and it is missing

I transferred a large amount of monies 18 days ago and despite talking daily with revolut customer service I have made no progress in tracking down the money. I have been told that the transfer was done via a local payment and therefore it cannot be tracked. How can this be? Surely there must be some protection for your customers? I have had to repeatedly check details with the beneficiary and there bank, it has been confirmed that they have not received the payment bit is it being processed and they are shocked that revolut are unable to track the transaction.

Has anyone had any similar experiences?
Can someone please offer me another suggestion or can revolut do their job and find my transaction.

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I would ask Revolut to provide a statement showing all details of the transfer (they should be able to provide this). You can then ask the receiver’s bank to investigate further.

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Thanks for your responce. I have already done this but the bank has said that the transfer is not there and they are unable to locate it. I am amazed that the money can not be tracked and I am not getting the impression that anything is being done to track the mine. I seen a similar message thread on this and the customer said the money returned to their revolut account e months later without any notification.

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This issue is not solved!!! The €4600 euro that I sent is missing and revolut are not offering any explanations. Do not use revolut for transfers!!!

@Darnques, this is very frustrating… I don’t understand how other people are creating accounts and topup.

Why not try with 4 EUR first?

Good idea - although a little late now :neutral_face:

@fogarasigy, well in may case worked very well with small amounts(16 euro)

Pew…I got my account unlocked. It took almost 3 days in my case, since 1st May 22.00 hour until 4th May 16.00 hour

Similar thing happening to me !!!
25k USD of personal funds transferred into Revolut account along with copies of all supporting documents regarding source of funds.
Nothing showing in my account, and no reply from customer support since over one week despite over ten messages from me.
This is looking like a fraud !!!

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Same thing happened to me with 6200 euros. How did you solve this? In my case, 12 days has been passed and nothing…

I transferred around $750 to the USA, which I do every month, and this time the transfer disappeared and after 2 weeks Revolut has refunded me only $630… No one is helping me and i need the remainder of my balance… My family needs this money especially now with the virus. I am beyond words right now… How could Revolut do this to me? Customer service is not supportive at all. I’ve saved the conversation and debating if I will make this a big public issue.


They steel money from me I send 8000 CHF, because them mistake I have less money now,

Brrr :cold_face:

This topic scares me!

I’m not a client yet, but I think I’ll just pass my way and go to open an account at Monzo instead of Revolut…

I used Revolut for PayPal payments, my money missed too; then my account was blocked, no one replies me anymore! I have negative balance on PayPal because that, PayPal continue to call me everyday and I cannot explain what happened; I even don’t know Revolut balance because locked account😱 please help!