I used IBAN, but not the reference number

Hi, I sent money to my Revolut account but I did not know that I should type the unique reference. So I just put the IBAN (it was via Transfer Wise). So my question is: Is my IBAN also unique? Or will they not know to which account add the money? How can I pair off my Revolut account and money?


Which currency?


The payment was in EUR, but my account is in NIS.

So your wired euro to your shekel account with Revolut? Does Revolut have personalised NIS accounts or common ones? In case of the former it shouldnt be a problem as the account is personalised and the amount should show up without manual intervention. If it is the latter the will have to assign it manually once it arrived. Best thing is to contact support, just expect some juicy waiting times ;).

I am not sure, but I think for NIS is IBAN common. The best way to contact support is in the app?

If it is a common/pooled account it definitely needs to be assigned manually if there is no reference.

“Best” is hard to say :slight_smile: but its the official way. Just drop them a message providing as much information about the payment as you can and they will get back to you - can probably take a few hours though.

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Do you have the bank transfer confirmation?

Already solved, thx. But how can I find out which accounts (which currencies) have personal and which have common IBAN?


In the app, you can find all the account details. Those that have your names are personal.

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