I upgraded to Metal today! + Minimum transfer amount of 1 EUR?

After evaluating lots of neobanks, I decided to give Metal a try again. :smiley:
As this post is tagged Feedback, I actually have one major thing I would like to request and that I don’t fully understand why it’s not possible:

  • SEPA transfers have a minimum amount of 1 EUR per transfer
    Why? lol. It makes no sense whatsoever. It’s a fringe case anyway, but sometimes you need to send someone a transfer of less, especially for example when verifying your bank account (PAYBACK PAY comes to mind), this is simply not possible with Revolut now. Please fix that.

Why use SEPA?

When I have needed to do this in the past, I have used my card - indeed a use once virtual card - and it has worked perfectly well with the 1€ reimbursed to the account promptly.

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Is that a real question? Because SEPA is a legally guaranteed money transfer scheme that any bank account should support, and not just “from 1 EUR onwards”. I want to verify my bank account, not my Mastercard or VISA. Those are completely separate things.

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but, that’s the point - your card supplied with the account is associated with the account so it does indeed verify your account and that you are a real person not a bot (which is generally the intention).

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There are services out there who require you to do SEPA direct debits. Some of them require you to sent an amount like 0.01 EUR in order to verify the account, something that is not possible with Revolut right now because you need to send at least 1 EUR, which makes no sense.

Sure, some services also offer payment via Mastercard or Visa Debit, but not all do. Revolut offers a SEPA-capable checking account and it should be usable like a SEPA-capable checking account. There is no reason or cost associated with sending a 0.01 EUR transaction vs a 1 EUR transaction, so I’m just trying to understand why this limit is in place. And to notify Revolut that this arbitrary limit has real-world implications for users.

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Why don’t you just send the 1 euro if it’s to validate an account?

Do you not have the funds to do so?

Revolut is £1 here in the UK too but it’s never been a problem that I feel needs fixing, it is what it is and the likelihood of actually sending less than £1 to anyone is very low.


I agree with you @Carl_1460
Isn’t perhaps the problem with the organisation requiring such a low validation amount - and to whom one should address the question - rather than a :r: problem?
Given that the amount is generally refunded very smartly, it wouldn’t matter if the amount was 10€ - always provided of course that you trust the organisation concerned…
In all my (considerable number) of years experience of using banking facilities, I’ve never had an occasion where SEPA was requested or indeed required to validate an account. A bank card has always sufficed to verify an account.

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The limit is odd but I do have a savings account in the UK whereby you do need to validate a bank account before you can send money to it, but even then it’s done by other means.

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