I transfer my money 6 labour days ago and doesn't arrive

I can’t talk with anyone by phone and by direct chat doean’t answer me.

What I can do? ;(

Did you type “live agent” in the chat?

To which Revolut account did you transfer the funds, in which currency, and from where?

Hi there. Please reach out to our in-app support team (More–>Help–Chat to us) and provide the bank transfer confirmation. :slight_smile:

I allready done and I have assigned “Robyn” that don’t answer me since friday (when he can’t give me a solution)

Same experience :frowning: Revolut is sitting on 34k EUR for 3 weeks. Outrageous. Flipping me from one person to the other, I supplied all the evidence they needed…
I’d like someone to take a look immediately. @AndreasK, @JessicaZ

How do you want people to trust you with more money if you provide service like this?

Hi there. As I can see an agent has responded to your query. I’m sure we can get something sorted very soon!