I think my app has been hacked

Hi there. I think my app has been hacked. It has lots of activity saying facebk ads for $0 and has taken $10 for a payment to forever 21 which isn’t me.

The live chat says it is offline so can’t speak to anyone.

Well, not the application was “hacked” but there is a chance someone got hold of your card information. I’d suggest you block your card as a first step (can be done in the application) and then contact support to check these transactions and possibly initiate a chargeback.

If the support appears as offline, I’d close the application and restart it. Of course you need to be online :slight_smile:

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As Aledsandro said above, important to IMMEDIATELY freeze your card from within the app.

That’s me frozen my card. Does anyone know how I go about getting the $10 back. It is a USA transaction and I am in the UK.

I have barely used my revolut card since last April so does anyone know how this could have happened?


You need to raise a chargeback claim - first step us to contact support via the app.

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