I recieved two revolut’s cards

Hi could you help me with my case :). I ordered my first card in the beggining of March ( i think it was on 3th of March). I should have recieved the card on 10th of march but i didnt . I also didnt recieve the card on the next days. So i ordered the second card … yesterday i recieved my first card . So i’ve removed the second card from the application . But today i recieved the second card. Could you tell what should i do now? Should i destroy the second card ? I would like to add that i didnt pay for the first card and for shopping but i had to pay for shopping second card. Should i pay monthly for the second card ? How it works?

You might be able to re-link the first card. Have you tried that yet?

Hi, you can keep both cards. You don’t pay monthly for card, only to order them.

As you removed the second card from the app, you can re-link it if you want.

Can I have more than 1 physical card?
You can have up to two physical Revolut cards per account, meaning a backup in case of emergencies. The cards can be used in union, or you can freeze the extra card in the app and tap ‘Unfreeze card’ when you need it.

You can also give each card a ‘tag’ to help you remember what they’re for. Please note, the tag will not be printed on your physical card.

Hiya :slight_smile:

I’ve reactivated the first card, so both cards are active now :slight_smile: Enjoy it!

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Of course i can do it but what for ?:slight_smile: i just need only one card :).

Ok thx for you help:) .

Then why order two :wink: and most importantly what is the reason of your question?

Well maybe becasue i didnt recieve the first card for long time :slight_smile: . Stricly speaking better to ask the way than go astray

The reason … well i think it’s obvious :slight_smile:

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Long time is subjective :wink: If you ordered on the 3rd it is quite in time when it arrived today.

It is not really obvious I am afraid. You received two cards because you ordered two. That is the obvious answer.

As you said you dont want two cards the other obvious answer is to disable one card and not use it.

I’m in the same situation. I order one first card on 15 June (expected to arrive in 28 June), and, when I see that is not arrived, I order another one in 5 July. Unfortunately, yesterday, the first card arrived, but when I tried to activate, I received message that isn’t available anymore.
What can I do?


Hey Adrian. Both cards are now active :slight_smile:

Hi, yesterday I ordered 1 metal card and now 2 metal cards are assigned to my Revolut account. I deleted one card now but I’m afraid it’s not enough. Could you help me?