I recieved my card. NFC payment problem


Today i received my Revolut card.
I was in shop and try pay with NFC.
I had communicate “Card is not supported”.
If i try with insert card to terminal and PIN all is done.
Why NFC don’t working?

Maybe first payment must be with PIN and no NFC ? hmmm


Help me please :slight_smile: Support Team


Nothing of that sort in my opinion. Might be a issue with the payment terminal.

Revolut’s card is an ordinary (pre-paid) debit card with support for contactless (NFC) payments.


Check what is the error message showing up in the app when you pay.


You may want to check your card limits, if NFC should be enabled via the app, in another shop etc.


Hey guys, when you get a new card can you please make the first payment via Chip and PIN and then move onto Contactless? Please let me know if that works.


OK. It’s working. Thanks ! :slight_smile: