I open wrond account

Looking for my steps to orded virtual card, i found out that make a mistake. I open an account in GBP instead of euro, i have an account with 9 nubers and sort code with 8 numbers. I send some money with 2 times. The first by swift without enter reference number and the second by swift with reference number.
My questions are:

  1. Can i change my account from GBP to EURO and how? and
  2. Μy money will be debited to my account and when?

You can easily open a euro account by simply choosing EUR from the list. Then you activate your local euro account and you should be good to go.

As for the two transfers you made to the GBP account via SWIFT. For the first one you need to contact support as they have to assign it manually due to missing reference number. The second should show up automatically.

Take into account though, that the amount received might be significantly smaller, as SWIFT transfers are paid. Furthermore it will be converted to GBP, however not at the rate Revolut offers but at the “usual” exchange rates.

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