I need urgent help and my transfer has taken nearly five days, three over the due date!

I’ve been trying to make an overseas transfer since the 9th of April.

I made one two days before and was sent within two hours. But for some reason, now I’m trying to send less money, it’s taken nearly five days and my situation is only getting much worse.

I have bills I need to pay for abroad and I’m currently four days late. I’ve spoken to many agents and got my case moved to the payments team with “top priority”, but I’m still waiting for a response.

Every single time the issue was marked as “Resolved”, but as far as I’m concerned, my bills have still not been paid.

None of it makes sense to me. I’m sending less money but for some reason it’s taking days and even after talking to many agents, I feel like I’ve got no where.

And they won’t let me cancel the payment either because it’s already in “progress”. Where is my money??

I’ve tried to get in contact through, instagram, twitter, phone call, email, live chat. TRYING EVERYTHING TO GET THEIR ATTENTION. And yet with this sense of urgency, it has gotten me absolutely no where.

I need someone who’s actually capable of sorting it out to get in contact, because it’s just causing more stress and problems every day.

@Mayyim Hello, Welcome to the community. :heart_eyes:

I am sorry for the trouble this has caused you. Most global money transfers will usually arrive within 1-2 business days, if not within a few hours. Have you tried contacting us via help@revolut.com? :eyes:

Veda | Community team