I need to contact support

Help me I need to contact support for my account.

I can t open my application I delete my card for number recharge… no way for open my account…

Help me

Hi there. I’ve contacted you by direct message. :slight_smile:

Hello Jessica,

Thanks I have big problem I can’t connect to my account…. I lost passcode and I change all my card and I try all the number I have and Nothing work…

So if I have no solution for have access to my account I want to close this account…

Thank for your help

Hi there,
I just have similar issue. My card is frozen by Revolut because of suspicious transaction (I’ve initiated the payment without noticing that the online transaction is not enabled on my physical card).
I can’t unfreeze the card in the app because it was frozen by Revolut, can’t use the chat because it says I’m offline (I’m not, I have internet for all other apps)
I can’t open a topic in the community because I’m a new user.

I need support to solve the issue and unfreeze my card.