I need help!


Hi, having an absolute mare with the revolut app! I set it up 2 years ago from the UK, with a UK number. I’ve been in Australia for 2 years and about to start living in Myanmar. I tried to change my mobile number on my account to an Australian number (my current number). I had accidentally set up 2 accounts and couldn’t link my old card. I spoke to someone on support and they closed 1 of the accounts. Before I replied to her last message, I had already been logged out. When I returned to the app I had to set it up from scratch again and now the only message I get is ‘you’re on the list Serena’. It’s a bloody nightmare and I can’t seem to find any way to contact revolut now. I have a UK bank account and want to use the card in Asia to receive my salary and transfer between my UK bank account. Help please!!!


I am afraid you arent eligible for a Revolut account any more in the first place as you are not an EEA resident anymore.