I made a wrong currency transaction

Hello people. So the problem is I made the wrong transaction. I was sending NOK from my Norwegian bank account but I did send it to Euro account. So what should I wait for now ?
Other question is that I’m living in Norway at the moment and cannot have any cards from bank. That’s why I have Revolut now. So is better to make my transactions in NOK currency to NOK account or to do the exchange for example in EUR when sending money to Revolut account ? :pray:

Contact support, I’d expect the funds to show up but as Euro of course (possibly at a less preferential exchange rate), but maybe support can do some more magic.

As for your second question, does Revolut offer local NOK accounts? If not you will always have to go through SWIFT which will incur some fees. A SEPA transfer would be cheaper but you’d have your bank apply their exchange rate. I cant tell you which of these two will be eventually cheaper (SWIFT in NOK or SEPA in EUR), you’ll need to compare these two yourself and choose the one cheaper for you.


Hi @masked. You should always make sure to top-up in the currency that your bank account is held in, otherwise your bank can charge you a huge fee!

Did you make this transfer to the EUR details under Local or SWIFT?