I lost my card


Je suis au Bresil et j’ai perdu ou ma volé ma carte REVOLUT et j’aurais voulu savoir si c’etait deja arrivé a quelqu’un cette situation et combien de temps pour recevoir une nouvelle au BRESIL ? Ou ils vont me la renvoyer mais a mon domicile ?

Merci pour vos retour;


I lost my revolut card and i woul like know what’s going on ? For resend a new card here (Bresil) or in my home (where i live) ? how many days for created and send the new card please ?

Thanks for all

This is a user forum - you need to contact Rev via the in app help, Twitter or Facebook.

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Step 1: freeze card and report as lost card in the card page of app
Step 2: create a new card in the app and have it sent to you

If you have premium they quote up to 3 business days to post to 180 countries, if you do not have premium it is up to ~9 working days.
If you are in Brazil for a long time compared to the postage time above then send it to Brazil (make sure to have a secure location to send it to such as a Hotel, if you are in Airbnb check you have access to the mailbox). If you are returning home in the next week or two then just send it to your home address.

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Merci à vous deux en retard :call_me_hand:t4:

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