I lost 380€

Hi everyone,

I need your help because i lost 380€ in Revolut transfert.

I made a transfer of 380 € at the end of December to the CIH bank located in Morocco.
The transfer was due to arrive on January 1 at the beneficiary but it has still not received anything to date.

I made several claims with Revolut but nothing to do. The beneficiary bank does not want to respond to the transfer recall because for them Revolut did not send anything (my friend did not receive the money, I checked) and Revolut tells me that if the CIH bank does not answer them then they can not do anything.

So in the end I lost € 380 and I can not do anything about it.

I will like your advice and your addresses to make complaint against Revolut.

Thank you all.

Hi there.

We’re really sorry to hear you’re facing an issue. As I can see we’re in touch with our payment processor as we’ve requested to recall this transfer.


The problem is that the beneficiary bank doesn’t want To cooperate with Revolut. For them, this ont normal To reply for a recall because they didn’t receive anything.

Your team told me 2 or 3 times that je they don’t want To cooperate, i loose my money.
I cant do anything in this case and usually its ont m’y problem and m’y job To tell a bank To speak with another.
I sent money from Revolut so its your job To get the job done.

Please read the response from Andreas: they requested to recall this transfer from their payment processor.


Are there any updates for my issue ?