I logged out of revolut and I cannot log back in



I was speaking to a staff member because I could not top up with AUD.
I was asked to log out and log back in.
I tried to log back into Revolut and it’s just giving me an error.
Can anyone check what is going on?



Same here, they had a planned upgrade at the weekend, looks like it broke everything.


Yeah I guess we have to wait, it happens sometimes with these systems.


I’m not so relaxed about it - if they want to hold my money, they can’t just FUBAR their system and expect me to be OK.



I am having a similar problem. After a successful identity verification, I got the “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later.” message.
Logged out, even restarted my phone, and now I can’t log in back. That error message keeps popping up.



It’s useless to log in back. The system is down.
Thanks :r: for the planned maintenance in the weekend. Looks like nothing changed :joy:

(I’m sarcastic)


Looks like it’s back up again, and it also corrected the details for my cards which are now working

I get that these things can happen, but an honest post on the announcements part of this forum would help


Now it is working for me as well.


Really sorry about that.:pensive: All systems are operational again. Get in touch if you’re still facing issues.:raised_hands: