I just received card, but it's not mine

Hi! I was looking for someone with the same problem, but i couldn’t find one…

I ordered my first physical card and today i found one in my inbox. And… This card is not mine. Not only name but also number is wrong.

What now? I can resend this one but where can be mine and what should I do?

Contact support, and dispose of the card immediately!!!

please cut it off in small pieces etc. so it cant be put back together.


How to contact support with custom problem?

Through the App (live chat), Facebook, Twitter. Also i sent this post to @anon33247966 so hopefully someone will be in touch soon.

But try the live chat and if you can’t get past Rita you can try and type “live agent”

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Getting customers cards mixed up is appalling!

Shhh, its the new feature being announced with 5.11 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: