I just incorporated an LLC in US, and I need a personal & business bank account (2 accounts). Is revolut good for this situation? What is best practice?

This is my first business and I’m new to everything.
I know I need a personal bank account, so I can create that, give my SSN, etc, verify.
I also need a bank account for my business, for when my clients pay me, etc, and to separate business expenses.

So do you recommend to sign up for a free personal account for my “personal” bank account? What then will be my “business” bank account, will it be the $25/month business bank account? This is best practice?

Is there a waiting period to have it activated, because I need to combine it with Stripe because I will need to use a payment processor so my distance clients can pay me. I was wondering if I could do this all in the same day.

If this is how it works, can I centralize the personal and business bank accounts somehow so I can observe and transfer money from business account to my personal (I need to buy food and personal expenses)?

Thank you