I hawe problem. Account is blocked and support dont answer


Support dont answer from yesterday this is normally? I receive money to my revolut card. Try remove money from lithuanian atm and accoun is blocked??? Its not normally. And support team not answer


Did you check the security options in the app? You might be able to unblock your card within the app by yourself.


Im don’t now how unlock


Revolut support team don’t help me. This is bad . and money sender write to support team tell with Katarzyna. And no answer to my from support


Hey there, please bare with us while the team takes care of this for you. They will reach out to you with any updates. We appreciate your patience and cooperation with us.


Im nit take cash im not home. Im in travel. Im wait 24h from support answer . and no answer this is normally?


When they unlock my account. Even the one who sent me money wrote to you.
what is the problem ?


Any chance you can answer the phone perhaps? I have the same issue and can’t seem to speak to anyone about this. Why is that so?


It is so, because they are completely disorganized and are not able to cope with all the issues they create.


@Pdc1981 I have written you a private message to help!

We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused, there are standard security procedures we follow to ensure that your accounts with us are safe. Again, we appreciate your patience with us.


According to my experience , I am not convince that they are that safe… Safe for you, but not for me !!!
Since May 5th, I dont know where is my money. I need a precise detailed statement with all the amounts sent back and to whom you sent it.
Don’t you think this is a minimum you can do without jeopardizing my so-called SECURITY.
For a change, please stop hiding your incompetency behind security reasons.


As mentioned, the funds will be returned to the same account(s) that were used to initially top up the account.


Could you prove it ?
You have always asked me to prove what I was saying to you, and I did. What about you ?
You alway say the same thing but never prove it. And for security reasons I need to verify what you say.
You can for instance send me all the copies of the SWIFT transfers.


I have a similar problem. My card was retained at an ATM and since then my account has been blocked.
Trying to get through to the chat help is unbearably fruitless.
What does the Revolut teamintend to do about our concerns that we cannot get access and dispose of our money we trusted you with???


I have same problem here. No help from support yet.