I havn’t got my Revolut card for more than month


What to do , if I havn’t got my card. Now it is a problem, because my trip is coming near. Could Revolut help me to give the card in express way?


Did you write the support team via in-app chat?


Hello @Zivileka,

Really sorry to hear that. Please get in touch with the support team, so we can assist you further.

Thank you @Frank for helping us!


in app chat they suggested to order express delivery an Revolut will refund the standart delivery. But is not correct because the card must be delivered till now with standart delivery and it not my foult that you didn’t deliver my card on time. You have refund an express delivery price.


We’re really sorry about it @Zivileka. Unfortunately we don’t have control on the card delivery, and we rely on third parties. However, we do understand this inconvenience, but we can only refund you the price you have paid. In this case, we can offer a full refund of standard delivery.


You are still in EU, and consumer rights are applied and for you company. Consumer didn’t choose delivery company it is your decision to choose the way of delivery and company (the third party as you said). Your company choose simple delivery for quite big price. for such price of standart delivery, you could sent by registered letter, such way is safer especially for financial documents.
Our way of delivery is irresponsible of your company
Could you refund all money, I payed, and I refuse of you services.


Of course we understand this and for that reason we’ll reimburse you the cost for standard delivery.


because of you view to your customer, I want to cancel your services


We’re really sorry to hear that. We have refunded you the cost. If you wish to close your account please get in touch with us via the in-app chat, to assist you further.


ok, thank you.
Have a good day.