I haven't received my money from Transferwise to Revolut


The last Thursday I sent some money from my account in Spain (via Transferwise) to Revolut and I haven’t received the money yet. And Revolut take out me 1€ apart.

What do I have to do?

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Why via Transferwise? Which currencies were involved?

And what is this EUR 1 you are referring to?

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transferwise lets you download a pdf of each transfer. if executed, you’ll have a paid out date on top and the details of what account transferwise used to pay it. if that information is missing please contact transferwise support.

so you had EUR on transferwise and transferred them to Revolut, using which IBAN? local or SWIFT?

transferwise DOES charge a fee for same-currency payments.

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In the PDF says:

Funded Jun 08, 2018
Paid out Jun 08, 2018

€ to GBA. I don’t know why is that 1€…

EUR to GBP via transferwise?? that was an odd choice. did you transfer to the GBP IBAN or to the local UK account?

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You mean GBP? Why didnt you simply transfer the amount straight in euro to Revolut? That would have been easier and probably cheaper.

Where exactly did you wire it to? To the SWIFT GBP account or the local one (assuming you have activated it)?

It might take a day or two, considering you wired it on Friday it might show up tomorrow.


I sent from spain account (EUR) to GBP local UK account (Revolut)

I sent to LOCAL GBP.

Sterling transfers should be usually relatively fast. Make sure everything on your Transferwise statement matches the data of your local GBP account. But if everything is alright, it should probably show up tomorrow the latest.

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The Transferwise says that transfer is completed. I hope to receive the money tomorrow. Thank you so much!

The transfer can be completed on their side but it can still take some time until it arrives. Have you checked the data?

I have just two dates in the PDF:

Funded Jun 08, 2018
Paid out Jun 08, 2018

local UK payments on revolut take a few hours to arrive as they are received by a third party.

btw, don’t do this again. transfer from your spanish account to revolut’s local EUR collection account and then exchange the balance to GBP within Revolut.

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Not the dates, the data of the transfer. Make sure you wired it to the correct account.

And yes, as alejandro wrote, wire the euro the next time straight to your local SEPA euro account at Revolut.

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For reference I recently tested the following:
Revolut euro to TransferWise euro - 2 days to complete.
TransferWise euro to Revolut euro - 2 hours to complete.

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