I have lost my money


1 week ago, I transferred some money from my Dutch bank account to Revolut.
The App say that the transfer usually arrives the next working day.
On the Revolut’s web site it says that it usually takes 1-3 working days.
I have been waiting for 1 week and still I have not received them.
I have tried to contact them through their in App support and I have not received an answer.
Could someone please help me? I do not know what should I do.


in my opinion, you need to contact the sending institution so they would track where the money is. Also check that you put in all your details correctly…



First of all, thank you very much for your response.
What is the sending institution and how can I contact them?
Also, do I really have to do this job or Revolut should do it?


I have the same problem. I’ve transferred money from Dutch bank (ABN-AMRO) 3 days ago. It always took only one day to transfer money to Revolut before they mare personal euro accounts.


Hi georged,
did you include your reference number when you sent the (international) payment? The other option is that Revolut didn’t know who to assign the money to and now it’s sitting somewhere in a common account waiting for further instructions. You can start with asking Revolut whether the money reached them at all. If they confirm it has not touched them, then you can contact the sending institution (the Dutch bank you sent your money from) to investigate where the money has go to…


Is there still reference number for EUR transfers? When I click “top up” in revolut app it shows me new LT IBAN without any reference numbers. So I have sent money to new account.


Hi ksandro,
you are right, there shouldn’t be any reference number needed for EUR-EUR transfer. I would ask revolut first to see whether they have received your payments and the money is just sitting somewhere around and if they haven’t got them at all, then contact the sending institution. Good luck!


Hello Mxsx,

As ksandro mentioned there is no reference number if someone transfers from EUR to EUR.
Also I transferred the money to an LT IBAN.


Try also asking your local bank whether they have even cleared the transaction to the LT IBAN.

For example, Fidor here in Germany does allow transactions to Revolut’s LT IBAN, but then won’t clear it yet still showing it in the account. You need to call them manually, so they cancel the pending transaction.

The LT IBANs currently don’t work reliably. You should better use the old UK IBANs instead until Revolut is replacing them (anncouned several weeks ago after all of the problems with transactions).

(In general, don’t use Revolut for important money transfers. The infrastructure is still highly unstable. Revolut’s support is highly overchallanged and a lot of the agents there’re rather uninformed, too)


Revolut app does not show me the UK IBAN and reference number. I think I can find it in transaction history of my bank account but can I be sure that they are working and nothing was changed?



I also transferred my money from ABN AMRO 1 week ago and as you say it usually takes 1 working day but after 1 week I have not received them.