I have lost my money because of a typo

I transferred a large amount of money on the 2nd November and there was a typo on the account code. It has not reached the beneficiary and it has not been returned by her bank. Her bank say they need Revolut to issue a dispute . Revolut tell me they cant. I am now stuck without redress and no way I can see to get this money back.

I would like others to be aware about the risk resulting from a simple typo and revoluts inabilty to help.

Has anyone else been able to solve this issue?

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Hi there!

I’m really sorry to hear that :frowning:

Could you please send me a direct message a little more info so that I can help


Andreas K.

Dear Andreas
I can see your reply.
We would advise liaising with the beneficiary bank directly to see if they have rejected the funds already, and can provide proof of rejection that we may be able to use to locate the funds back on our account.
The issue is that the beneficiary bank will not talk to us and ask that our bank issue a request. The beneficiary has also contacted her bank and they have given her the same answer. We really do seem to be stuck here and I so think this danger needs to be highlighted more than it is to your customers.
Jane Sandall

That’s really odd. The beneficiary bank could give a confirmation saying that this transfer has been rejected.

But they say they need a request for this from Revolut or your processor. I cant request this as I am not their cutomer.
Are you able to help at all?
Jane Sandall

We can provide a transfer confirmation where they can see the account details you used.

You transferred a large amount of money without checking the details? :anguished:

That would be helpful, but can you ask them to return the funds?

Might happen to the best of us, if there are reoccurring numbers, a typo can easily happen.
Hope Andreas can help solve this !

@damson When you have received the transfer confirmation, send it to the beneficiary’s bank and see what they can do.


If it’s a large amount of money, I always send a small test amount first to make sure I’ve got the details right.

Revolut’s bank should provide MT103 SWIFT copy on your request. Then with it you can contact beneficiary bank and request “to find” your funds.

This is not a SWIFT transfer therefore there’s not MT103. It’s a local one and the beneficiary bank needs to reject it.

I believe a member of our support team has already sent it to you. Let me know if not, so that I can send it.

Can revolut give me more information please?

Please send it
Thank you

Please check your inbox. Thank you.

Hi there, has this been solved? I’m with the same problem for a international transfer. Tks

No we lost our money and financial ombudsman could not help.