I have lost £300 due to you not PROPERLY notifying me of changes to account details.


After not using my revolut card for a couple of months, I transferred £300 today to THE SAME ACCOUNT DETAILS I’VE ALWAYS USED just to find out that you changed my account details and thought it sufficient to notify me via a chat that doesn’t even give me notifications on my phone.
I am now abroad with no money and an angry landlord who wants rent. Your phone line isn’t working and no one on your chat is answering my messages. I need this resolved urgently and frankly your customer service is absolutely appalling when facing serious problems


I understand your worries, but I can tell you that you won’t loose your money. It will be refunded automatically to your original account within a few days.


Hello @Charlotteannmoore,

I can see that one transfer has reached your account yesterday, and it seems you have used the new bank account details.

If you have previously transferred another one to the old bank account, no need to worry about it. There are two possible scenarios, either tit will bounce back to your bank account or it will reach your Revolut account too.


Andreas K.