I have created too many virtual cards. What to do ?


I created around 5 virtual cards and now I get an error - I have created too may virtual cards, what should i do ?


Why did you create them?
Remember that you can cancel any of them in every moment by tapping on dots on upper right corner of the card.


Yes thats what i did, I cancelled them and created new ones. Now I cant create any more virtual cards. This is so ridiculous. They should have mentioned if there are any limits


Hey @rahulsteel :slight_smile:

You can only hold a maximum of 5 virtual cards at the same time, and from there, you’ll have to delete them in order to create new ones as @redi pointed out :wink:

Another option would be becoming a :r: premium user and creating a disposable card which will renew itself after every transaction :star2:

I believe there’s a maximum number of monthly virtual cards you can generate. :confused:


Here it is:

5 virtual cards generated per month. 5 virtual cards simultaneously.
Two different limits apply at the same time. The first one is not clearly shown though :confused:

Perhaps you could ask for your deleted virtual cards to be reactivated due to this misunderstanding, I don’t think there would be any problem :wink:

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Yea but their support is incredibly slow


If you’re in a hurry I suggest contact via Twitter


Why did you create that many ? What need did you have ? :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, you have to wait. As the limit is up to 5 virtual card per month.


I never knew that, I used to create them simply because I thought there was no limit. Can you please reset it as I use Revolut mainly for online transactions to avoid fraud.


It will automatically reset next month.


Have you seen this:

If you are not already premium you should really consider going for it. Since it will make the virtual cards free and give you access to disposable ones.