I have been charged twice for my card shipping fee


I ordered a card that hasn’t arrived, not even 6 days after the date it should have arrived (March 1st) and a fee has been deducted from my account for shipping.

Today I decided to use the Re-order Card option within the app and I have been charged once again for shipping after confirming my home address.

How can I be charged twice for the same service and still not have the card?

Thank you.

Hey @teomc :slight_smile:

Get in touch with the 24/7 in-app support team. To do so, go to the More tab of the app, click Support, then live chat and then type live agent when you’re greeted by Rita the robot :robot::smile:

I already tried that, but Rita was not able to help.

Type “live agent” and an agent will be with you within couple of minutes.